Artists of the Ukulele – Live!

Links & more performances coming real soon!
When ukulele first hit the scene about a hundred years ago it was a cool, hip thing to have. A San Fransisco music store advertisement from 1915 read:

The Hawaiian Ukulele is the one musical instrument that everyone can play. It’s inexpensive. It is easily carried about. It’s melodious – it has a charm all it’s own. It’s a welcome addition to any social gathering- in the home, on an outing trip or in the summer camp.It affords great pleasure to young and old.

A hundred years later that is just as true. And just like it’s popularity “spread like wildfire” a century ago, so today, many are discovering the joy of uke.
It’s played in almost any genre of music, and it’s musical texture knows no bounds. These amazing musicians are showing the potential in this instrument. Enjoy!

The amazement, as someone once said, is not how it’s done, but that it’s done at all.


Brittni Paiva

Kalei Gamiao

Benny, Abe, & Reggie

Andreas David & Corey

Mike Love

Paula Fuga w/ Mike Love

Andrew Molina

Abe Lagrimas

Ledward Kaapana

Sing the Body

Kris Fuchigami

Corey Fujimoto

Zachary Shimizu

Benny Chong

Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel

Imua Garza


I personally want to thank all the artists that stop by (or stop work) and share their gift.
Aloha from the North Shore.Come drop by!

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