6 Concert ‘Ukulele Around $100

This video and review shows six laminate mahogany concert ukes in the hundred dollar range. This was recorded to be as uncompressed and "true" as possible. Listen with good speakers or headphones to really pick up the differences. The first instrument is the Islander MC-4. The islander is an import line from local Hawaiian makers, Kanile'a. Their entry line or ...

New Gretsch Ukulele- Review and Sound Sample

If I were given a million dollars to buy more ukes for the store… I would mostly just explore more custom builders.  Offering every affordable brand would be a disservice to your time, a roadblock to your  musical accomplishments, an obstruction to your enjoyment.  Too dramatic?  LOL!  Basically, certain models give a better value and that is what we focus on.

With that said, I’m here to tell you…this new ukulele line from Gretsch is


Ukulele Highlights from NAMM 2012! – Part 1

Our store, Hawaii Music Supply aka The Ukulele Site, had Mike Aratani aka Music Guy Mic there all four days. He gladly scoured for every esoteric uke related product in this ginormous center of music madness, as he does every year. However, I had the pleasure of going for just a day with one purpose; To see the latest and greatest ukuleles on the market. I took along my camera so I can share with you the best in ukulele from NAMM 2012~

There are tons of ukulele makers now. Hundreds! But many are coming from the same factory and most are….not good. (don’t want to say total crap)

From all of the new ukes popping up on the market the only new import line that impressed me was …..