6 Concert ‘Ukulele Around $100

This video and review shows six laminate mahogany concert ukes in the hundred dollar range. This was recorded to be as uncompressed and "true" as possible. Listen with good speakers or headphones to really pick up the differences. The first instrument is the Islander MC-4. The islander is an import line from local Hawaiian makers, Kanile'a. Their entry line or ...

The struggle with time….random thoughts and present ideas.

Like money, how we spend our time requires thoughtful consideration. Our habits of release and relaxation can be things that promote health and happiness, or they can be things that slowly deteriorate our body and mind. The attempt to master a musical instrument can lead you towards soul satisfaction that money never will. It has been well documented that money does not equate happiness.I know personally, our best sales days are not usually my happiest days. If I get time to enjoy playing music it makes a huge difference on how “settled” I feel. Just having the time is not enough, time can be used to worry about the future, or reflect negatively on the past. And you could spend all day being entertained with TV’s and computers but that leaves your creative mind dormant. Working on a piece of music, improvising, or even strumming and singing a tune brings you right here, now.

YOU can soon be enjoying the present tense with the sounds of a beautiful ukulele! Not because it’s gonna make you money, or because it will help “attract the ladies”. Haha, well maybe it could? But the point is, we play music because it is fun. We get better at it and that gives us a personal satisfaction.