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How To Choose Your First Ukulele

Shopping for your first ukulele can be confusing if you don’t know what to look for.  There are a lot of factors to take into consideration.  You want your first ukulele to be something that you enjoy playing.  Why is this important?

  • The more you enjoy it, the more you’ll play it.
  • The more you play it, the better you’ll become!
  • The better you become, the more joy and satisfaction it brings, which makes you want to play more.

That being said, what makes you enjoy something?

  • How it feels
  • Looks
  • and Sounds!

But how can you judge that? Learn more here

Here Aaron goes over the 4 basic sizes of ukulele and how they differ.

The one thing you should know before buying an ukulele…

The only way to have fun and freedom on a musical instrument is to play it every day until it feels natural. The more you play, the more fun it becomes.
So, what is this one thing you should know? Well it is not that you need to spend a lot more money. The one thing you should know before buying an ukulele is that almost every ukulele under $300 and many over 300 need to be “set up” by the store you buy from.
It takes very specialized knowledge to do this correctly.

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  1. As a beginner, I bought my first uke from your site and the information here was so helpful in picking a size. Hearing the sound of the uke your considering purchasing is so helpful. Your site offers a wealth of information for the beginner and beyond.

  2. How much does the finish have to do with the sound I’ve heard that the satin ,natural are warmer with more sustain and better projection . I this true?

  3. I have question and I can’t find anything about it on the internet.
    I am restringing my uke for the first time and it came with a spare set of Aquila strings. Just a pouch with strings. No directions or other labels. But I noticed of the 4 strings included, there are 3 different thicknesses. One fairly thick one, one slightly thinner, and 2 very thin strings. Was this a mistake? Should I install them in a certain order? Everything I’ve read implies that all 4 strings should be the same, but whole sets may be different thicknesses. Help!

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