Kamaka is the most famous and longest standing ukulele company. In fact they are the oldest family run business in Hawaii. Samuel Kamaka was building ukuleles from just after turn of the 20th century. He wasn’t fully satisfied with the tone he was getting so in 1910, Sam Sr. left Hawai‘i on a ship and headed to Europe to see how they were making the stringed instruments in countries like Spain and Italy. When he came back he started Kamaka Ukulele in 1916.

Kamaka has gone on to provide Hawaii and the world with quality ukuleles for over 100 years now. Chris, Casey, and Fred Jr. now run Kamaka even though Sam Jr. and Fred Sr. are still with them. They have made significant technological upgrades and advancements over the years and offer some of the most consistent and musical instruments you will find.

We regularly get new batches of Kamaka but usually sell out very quickly. If we have any in stock you will find them HERE.

HF-1 Koa Soprano

The Kamaka standard has been the Hawaiian standard for over 100 years now and they have never looked and sounded so good!

This HF-1 now comes with the light weight friction style lokking 4:1 gear tuner from Gotoh. This means no slipping and fine tuning!

Of course the famous Hawaiian koa body, and we usually order them with the semi-gloss finish which is beautiful and smooth to the touch.

HP-1 Pineapple Koa Soprano

In 1928 Samuel Kamaka patented the Pineapple shaped ukulele. Sometime in the 1940′s the patent ran out but they were the only company out of 20 ukulele manufacturers to survive the 1930′s economy.

The guitar has a waist to sit on your lap, but with the pineapple shape you are not gonna miss out on anything you get from the waist on a standard ukulele. What you get is a little more soundboard to open the vibration of the top. The sound is similar to the regular HF-1 Standard, but with a touch more body.

Soprano and Pineapple Longneck

Like Kamaka created the pineapple, they were also first to make longneck models. The are soprano bodies with a concert scale length. This gives you just a little more room on the fretboard and a little more articulation in the sound. Take a listen-

HF-2 Concert Koa

This Kamaka koa concert is one of the most-loved ukuleles of all time. It has a warm resonance and body to the sound that you can only find in this caliber of an ukulele. It is made from a high grade, quarter sawn, solid Big Island koa wood for the body, a comfortable mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

The HF-2 has a great look. It’s light in weight with an ultra comfortable neck and is setup for supreme playability.

HF-2L Concert Longneck

This is a very cool Kamaka that has a concert-size body and a tenor length neck. Both the Kamaka concert and the tenor are legendary instruments and this one combines the warmth of the concert and the brightness and projection of the tenor.

Thia has the unique Kamaka concert headstock and the fantastic new tuning keys from Gotoh. These UPT’s are super lightweight and look like traditional friction tuners but have a 4:1 gear ratio in them. This model also sounds great with a low G tenor string set.

HF-3 Koa Tenor

This instrument almost needs no introduction but for those that are not aware, the Kamaka Tenor is like the Martin Dreadnaught, the Gibson F-style mandolin, or the Fender Stratocaster. In other words, it is the classic for the ukulele.

These tenors have a consistent neck and are assembled with a deep understanding of musical instrument making. It has been an essential tool for many of the best players out there. The HF-3 is one we will struggle to keep in stock but we usually get 6 at a time so contact us and we can let you know when more arrive.

HF-3L Tenor Long Neck

The 19″ scale tenor is something the Kamaka brothers have been doing within the family for years but never released for the public until a few years back. It gives a special tone that really sparkles and sustains beautifully.

HF-4 Baritone

Even though the ukulele is now being made world-wide, by more makers than ever,Kamaka is still at the forefront of their art and craft. Casey, Chris, Fred Jr., and Dustin Kamaka have studied building techniques and wood selection their whole lives. The result is instruments like this baritone.

Gorgeous book-matched koa body resonates wide-ranging tones. There is a focused nucleus to the sound, giving definition, but the overtones are spacious and beautiful. We love the Kamaka baritone.


The deluxe series from Kamaka has a gorgeous koa wood body, a wood vintage style rosette and purfling along with with rosewood top binding. They also have an upgraded ebony fingerboard and bridge.

HB-2D “Ohta San”

Also known as the “Ohta-san,” this bell-shaped ukulele was designed by Sam Kamaka, Jr. and Herbert Ohta in 1965. It produces sharp, clear tones and was designed primarily for fingerpicking purposes. Deluxe features are rosewood binding, rope purfling and a rope rosette around the sound hole. The fingerboard and bridge are ebony!

The HBD-2 is unique. The scale length is almost an inch longer than their normal concert. With the bell shaped body and factory set wound low G it provides very deep in tonal range. The low G but in this scale is more like the tones of a baritone but in the regular GCEA. It’s a wonderful tone and as easy to play as you can imagine.

HF-3DC Deluxe Cedar Top

With this Deluxe model you get a western red cedar top that adds a special warmth and body to the sound. The koa on the back and sides is gorgeous, as you can see. The HF-3 is the classic Kamaka tenor. This Deluxe model not only looks amazing, it sounds amazing!

A few years ago Kalei sampled this model and we never listed it because he bought it! There is definitely something special about this Kamaka tenor with a cedar top The tone!

The Jake Signature Tenor-
Coming Soon!

Some of the other articles here about Kamaka – Updating soon

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  1. I’ve been playing fretted instruments for over 30 years and I consider my Kamaka concert among the best I’ve played. The concert size is very comfortable for me, it produces a very sweet tone and has outstanding playability. It’s the perfect uke for me.

  2. I have trouble walking past my concert size Kamaka without picking it up and playing it. It’s everything I hoped it would be. I love it!

  3. Want to be informed, about Kamaka Products and Prices and shipping costs to Belgium/Europe.

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