Kimo Hussey – Ukulele Sensei

Today we had Kimo Hussey come down to our store and give an ukulele workshop. We also live streamed  on USTREAM.  The group in the audience was a harsh mix of never played before , kinda played already, and played really well. Kimo handled like a champ even as the 7 year old in the front row strummed his Am7 at any given opportunity. Kimo managed to keep my attention an gave me some things to think about. His first lesson was mostly for the kids on  “hearing changes”. After playing “You are my sunshine” he had the kids repeat back where the G7 was – at the beginning or the end, and then How many times did we go to F? Good memory techniques , but he told us not to memorize, just do it enough to know it. He also gave us a handout of “musical sentences” only showing the key and not naming the chords. Kimos’ musical wisdom was matched by his intuitive teaching. He kept the kids attention and ours. That is why I call him Ukulele Sensei. He can play different styles but his signature “Uncle Kimo style” is rooted in the chord melodies he makes and the expression of his right hand. We will have Kimo as a valuable resource as we set out to give you guys a great spot here @ theukulelereview! Enjoy the lesson.

Kimo Hussey owns several different Pono Ukulele.

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