Lessons – Ukulele Harmonics – Kalei Gamiao -Custom Kamaka

You know harmonics are cool, but Kalei Gamiao either shows or reminds us just how beautiful they sound, as well as alternate techniques to work with. At the same time we get to check out his amazing custom Kamaka made by their custom builder -Casey Kamaka. So how much is a custom Kamaka? It has a wide range based on options, but I can testify to it being some of the finest quality I have seen. Casey is a highly regarded master luthier. Recently  he has been working on the signature Jake Shimabukuro models. Those, I believe, are around six grand.  I am sure many people are still waiting, but you don’t pay those kind of prices so you can get your uke pumped down the assembly line. Custom building, at its best, takes time and skill that is worth much more than the money you spend.

Caseys’ brother Chris Kamaka, a professional upright bass player and singer, puts his musical ear to work at Kamaka by managing the production, and quality control. Fred Jr. Kamaka  is at the head of the business side.  All three are really great at what they do and it shows. They  truly show an Aloha spirit and we are proud to carry the Kamaka line of ukulele (when we can keep them in stock, darnit). I digress,   Enjoy the lesson from Kalei. This kid is so good!

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