Koolau CE-2 demo by Mike Love and Koolau CE-1 demo by Aaron Crowell and John Gonzalez

The Ko’olau Ukulele company have been perfecting their electric CE tenor ukulele model for nearly 10 years now. The result is an amazing instrument with lots of advantages. I have a CE-1 model that I can play while I watch TV or late at night. I had originally gotten it to take on family or business trips. The CE has the perfect amount of acoustic volume to practice and be inspired while still being “under the radar”. I have played mine in airports, hotel lobbies, and other places I would not play an acoustic.The mahogany body is chambered out allowing a warm tone and sustain not found in other solid body ukes.

Ko’olau worked with L.R.Baggs on the pickup system. It has such a great preamp! You can plug straight into a mixing board and get a pretty full tone. As you can see in the video, Mike plugs the CE-2 into a bunch of Red Witch pedals and it handles like no acoustic could. Led Kaapana, Abe Lagrimas and other gigging musicians use the CE model for its’ on stage advantages. Closet players like me use it for another reason, but I still enjoy having the ability to go through effect pedals and take it where no uke has gone. Good or bad, it’s always fun!

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