Big Island Ash- My new favorite wood!

The Ko’olau company has been experimenting with alternate local woods for many years now. Recently we have gotten quite a few Ash models in the tenor size. This Ash wood is grown on the Big Island, here in Hawaii. It has a vibrant look, and a wonderful tone. The ash , to me, sounds like koa after being broken in for twenty years, but maybe a little better. It is just more open and comes through in a sweet frequency range that scoops some of the high mids and leaves the perfect ukulele sound. A spruce top still has more volume, but the Ash has a more traditional ukulele sound. Which is a mahogany or koa top. This is close to those hardwoods in sound, but just a little sweeter, like aged mahogany with the clarity of koa. I know that my next personal ukulele will be a Hawaiian Ash Ko’olau Tenor. Aloha Ukers~

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