3 Hawaiian Koa Tenor ‘Ukulele – Kamaka HF-3- Kanilea K1-T- Koolau T1 – Compared

We took our three most popular local tenor made koa ukes and put them back to back. The video shows them in a few different styles with two different players.  If you are considering a really nice Hawaiian made koa tenor uke this should help you to hear a few of the main brands in action.Of course to see and feel the ukulele  is  best, but for those not able to come see us, hopefully this will help.

Sound is one factor, a major one for sure, but still not the whole picture. Feel, looks, performance, and overall value are also important issues to consider.  Many of these things are subjective, so keep that in mind when you hear other peoples opinion.

The Kamaka is a gloss finish though, but a simple thinner gloss , so we decided it was OK to compare with the other two satin finishes. Kamaka is a legendary company that has a sound many people prefer. They have a great warm tone. The Kanilea sounded the brightest and still had a boomy bottom. It has its own sound. Ko’olau has the smallest body by a small margin, but is very puchy and extremely true. The T1 is great for recording with  great string balance.  I thought all three of these ukulele were very nice quality instruments. The Ko’olau is the least expensive by around 50 dollars from the Kanilea, and around 250 from the Kamaka.If you get all three you might get a discount!!  Call me at the store for availability and more info @ (808)622-8000 or email andrew@hawaiimusicsupply.com Aloha~

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  1. this is when i realized if i was going to invest in a fine instrument – the best to my ear and eyes – i had to get a kamaka – if i had to sell it i would probably make a profit – if i was forced to sell my lanikai i would lose money – but kamaka is worth more every day to me – thanks

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