Ko’olau Tenor CS – Sequoia Redwood- Kolohala back and sides

This is an amazing ukulele that came to our way for a very short time before it was snatched up by an excited and happy customer. It has a redwood top and Kolohala wood back and sides. This wood is also called Pheasant wood because of it’s grain and colors resemblance to the Hawaiian pheasant. This beautiful piece was from a tree here on Oahu. It is a rare and expensive wood that Ko’olau has been using, when available, for over 10 years now. This instrument has a very full sound with a beautiful EQ to it. The CS model from Ko’olau has a slight radius to the fretboard and saddle that make it just a touch more comfortable. I have not played an ukulele that felt any better than the CS series! Ko’olau is a custom shop here on Oahu that has been highly regarded by pro uke players for nearly 15 years. Let us know and we can help you choose a custom Ko’olau. There is a lot of options and we are glad to help you find the perfect sound and look for your next ukulele.

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