Four Hawaiian Made Soprano Ukuleles-KoAloha,Kanilea,Ko’olau,Kamaka-Sound Trial and review

In this review we took four locally made  soprano ukes and tried them back to back. We had the 4 Ks, Kamaka, Kanilea, Koolau, and KoAloha. In the video we had them as “next to” each other as possible.  This is so you can  retain the tonal context you are comparing with. When listening, you can compare qualities like – volume,        warmth, brightness, and balance. When playing them, “feel” is a big factor. When paying for them, cost is a big factor. But for this “experiment” we can listen to a somewhat equal comparison. You have the same player playing the same thing in the same way, and recorded exactly the same. What we do not have is the same strings, the same scale length, and the same body size and depth. But this is the way the companies make their soprano size, and these are the strings that they come with. Ko’olau with Ko’olau Alohi , Kamaka with Kamaka , KoAloha with Worth, and Kanile’a with Aquila.  If you compare them all with the same strings on, then you would also have to also compare all four string brands, because different brands will react more favorably  one type of string. That would be sixteen different scenarios to compare! Maybe we will do that soon, but for now, enjoy the sound samples and later I will update the post with specs on these four. Aloha!

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