Higher Ground Music Cafe and Kalei Gamiao…..

….were a great combo. In fact, Higher Ground was created for people like us to watch performers like Kalei, enjoy some food, drink, and appreciate the goodness of life. As they say,” it doesn’t get much better than this”.

My wife, Jennifer, was weary of the idea, but once I pulled the trigger she played a huge role in the design and menu. Jenn is a great decorator and overall visionary of space. It was almost surreal at times,in a beautiful, tuned room with a great PA system and gifted sound man.

Anyone could be on stage on Tuesday and Wednesday, for good or bad, it was its own community and we all had a common goal~ to enjoy life.

People still talk about Higher Ground and reminisce about the incredible experiences we all had during that time. For me, at this point, Higher Ground seems like a long time ago. But bouncing these videos, I think of the power this space had. I also thank technology for documenting moments that can be appreciated forever. Like this one! Kalei is Awesome. He is not striving for showmanship, but the music flows through him. He’s a humble guy, and yet definitely has  a deep soul to hold as much emotion and love as you can hear in his music. Keep a look out for this kid. He is consistently compelling!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47iZr9q51H4

Aloha from Hawaii Music Supply. Stayed tuned for more soon from the Ukulele Keaka’s hosted by Kimo Hussey.

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  1. WOW! You don’t learn to play like that — that’s a gift from God. He reminds me of another one of my favorites, Derick Sebastian from Maui. Kalei, if you have a CD available I’ll see if I can find it. If not, put me on your mailing list for when that CD is available. I’m a reformed 5 string banjo picker and I’ve strummed around on an ‘ukulele for almost 4 years now so I can appreciate the depth of the skill and talent required to play like this. This level of playing comes from the soul. Wow. Did I say WOW yet?

    1. Hi Paul, I will pass that along to Kalei. He does have a CD and I am sure you will love it. Derick Sebastion also played the Ukulele Keaka and we have a few songs to mix from him, so stay tuned. Aloha! – andrew

  2. Andrew, this is a great source for all ukulele players. It is inspirational and informativ e. I had the delightful experience last year at Kimo Hussey’s Ukulele Workshop in Moloka’i because Kalei was there and shared his talent with us. Watch for him to grow and explore the sounds of the ukulele.
    this site is now on my bookmarks bar and I check it every day.
    Chuck, Santa Cruz, CA

    1. Thanks Chuck! Kalei and his dad Derrick are gonna do alot of cool things that we hope to be a part of also, like workshops etc…we’ll keep you posted. aloha

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