The Slack Key master at Higher Ground’s Ukulele Keaka

I had the pleasure of working sound for Ledward a few times at Higher Ground and it was a great experience. With Pizza, Dessert, and BYOB, it was always a party with Led in the house.  Surely one day we will put out a live CD from these sessions, but this evening was filmed for our “Ukulele Keaka” and features the slack key guitarist on his first instrument, the ukulele! Growing up in Kalapana, on the Big Island, young Ledward learned how to play from his uncles who taught him the “Jus’ Press” method. Good advice for all of us. Just press down on the string and make sounds. It’s like the Taoist approach to guitar. Led’s use of chromatisism shows the fact that you are never more than one note away from a “right” note, or a note in any key. Led walks right up to that note with a playful resolve, having fun with the guitar or ukulele like a Harlem Globetrotter does with a basketball. Blessed would be a good adjective to describe this classic Hawaiian artist. Every time I see him I think –  this guy is cool!

Led has played Ko’olau ukes for over a decade now and has a few Pono’s that he tours with as well. He was one of the first ones to pick up the CE model Ko’olau and utilize it’s stage benefits. The first being the talented musician and producer – Treacy Terada – aka “Dr. Trey”. We will get something from him soon for you guys, he is one of the best. But for now enjoy the medley from Led. Stay tuned, much more to come!

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  1. What an incredible talent. The only thing that would have made this better is having a close-up view of both his hands while he was playing. He is a true master.

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