New Kanilea Tenors – Hawaiian Beauties!

We just picked up some tenors from Kaneohe’s famous uke makers – Kanilea. The Kanilea company has been refining their design and articulations the last few years and they are surely at the top of their game. Joe Souza and Bill Griffen head a killer team of builders and finishers that are putting out a great value on a pro level ukulele.

The tenor has definitely become the best seller in the ever-growing Uke world.  Most of the pros like Jake Shimabukuro, James Hill, Abe Lagrimas etc…, play a tenor. It gives you the most volume and space for chording and still has a ukulele sound. (Baritone is a bit different because it is tuned down a 4th). These Kanilea ukes we just got in are exceptionally nice on the eyes and sweet to the ear! Aaron gives us a sample~
[Vimeo 17779273]
Same model – Premium Tenor – Different Uke~
[Vimeo 17781817]

This is the Deluxe Model~
[Vimeo 17785425]

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