Coolest Ukulele Straps Yet!

Jen Tabor and a few friends custom make some really great guitar and ukulele straps out of their small shop in Chicago. The fabrics are hand picked and the straps are hand sewn to perfection! This company really has a roots vision contrived out of an artistic endeavor as opposed to the corporate norm, the endeavor of mass production.  With that said, these straps are not cheap, but that is because they are hand made in the U.S.A., and a lot of them use NOS fabrics that are quite expensive. These ukulele straps do not require a strap button. They go around your neck and there is a padded hook that latches onto the under part of the the sound hole. It is designed to be non abrasive to the finish of your ukulele or to compromise it structurally in any way. It is ready for any ukulele with no modifications needed to the instrument. Also, one size will fit any size person or ukulele because it is adjustable just like most straps. We are currently working on setting up some of the custom options available on our own site, but check out their site at souldier.us and puruse their choice fabrics and designs.  Hopefully we will be able to keep stock on these custom ukulele straps. Call us here at Hawaii Music Supply for more info – (808)622-8000.

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  1. So, yeah I ordered one of these about a month ago based on Aaron’s review. But when I got it, thing’s wuz different. The one I recieved had an “extra” strap that wasn’t shown in Aaron’s video. This absolutely cornfused me for weeks. then the light went on (that Ph.D. is paying off!).
    The strap I recieved had the “necktie” with a sliding second strap/hook. I finally figured out that the slider hook goes under the uke to the sound hole and the “necktie” adjustable hook to the top of the sound hole. You then adjust the “necktie” buckle for highth and (this is the revelation) rotate the strap around your neck for tension on the top strap (the lower strap adjusts automaticly).
    I hope that makes sense cuz dang I wuz frustereated. But now, right or wrong, it’s pretty awesome. Adjusted properly you CAN let go without dropping your uke.
    Now I can get off my arse and play. And yes, works for ALL size ukes.

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