New Ukulele Tutorial Series! “Close To You”- the Jake Shimabukuro Version – Part 1

On the fourth of January, 2011,  Jake Shimabukuro is releasing a new CD called Peace Love and Ukulele. You can preorder your digital download from his website .  I love Jake’s music and passion but never really had the time to sit and figure out his compositions, actually most of them are beyond my technical ability, but this rendition of the Carpenters classic – “Close to You” from his Sunday Morning CD is slow enough for any amateur to tackle. If you do not have this album..Go to iTunes!!
Corey has a plucking technique we will learn in the next video that shows why his tone is so much fatter than mine. Partly this is because I needed to cut my nails and was very unsure of what I was playing, but even if that was not the case Corey draws a very warm tone from the way and direction he picks with his finger. Many players are in search of the perfect tone, and certainly the quality of the instrument is a huge factor. However, the biggest factor is the technique of the player, and this is something we can learn to improve our overall sound without spending a dime. You and I can work on it together next week when Corey shows us the Tommy Immanuel finger picking secrets! As a side note, Corey has been making some great new originals on his Ko’olau Deluxe tenor, Can’t wait to show you guys…Aloha from the crew here at HMS,
“Ma ka hana ka ‘ike.” ~ Knowledge is gained by doing. You can see how to do it. Keep doing it!!

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