Reflections and Exercises

As we near the end of 2010 we can reflect on the things we have accomplished and perhaps the struggles we have survived. If you have played music throughout this year, even a little, you most likely grew musically. This may have been technically, or even just mentally by what we have heard and how that soaked into our mind and heart. In any case this growth is something to realize and appreciate. I say realize because it is not easy to see your own development, kind of like gaining weight, lol. However, maturing musically and appreciating so can be a great source of motivation for the next year at hand.
I know that the deeper I get into music the more fun and satisfaction I get from it, so I am making a goal in 2011 to practice or play music every day without exception! I want to learn some of the Lyle Ritz style jazz styles, get more advanced in finger picking techniques, and start to actually play with a metronome. I also have a ukulele chord book and a copy of The Real Book. These two can be a powerful combo for ideas and practice sessions.
As a side note – another one of my goals is to get everyone’s ukulele shipped out on time, without exception!! AND I am going to be filming new lessons every month to give all of us new songs and techniques to work on.

Here are some simple exercises when you don’t feel like really “practicing”. –
Improvise or play how you feel, and then play the opposite of how you feel. This is pretty abstract and can be taken many ways with no way of failing.
Perhaps a little more challenging is taking songs that you have already played and consciously feeling the emotion or energy in the song or idea even more so, and keeping the pulse or flow of it.~ Stay tuned for more, and please send your own ideas for others to benefit from.(in the form of a comment)
Aloha from us here at Hawaii Music Supply, have a happy and safe holiday season!

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