Derick Sebastian @ Hawaii Music Supply’s Keaka ’09 -Custom Kanile’a Tenor Ukulele

More never before released footage from ’09 . It was the March Ukulele Keaka at Hawaii Music Supply’s Higher Ground. This night had Derick, Kalei, Kuhio, and other great performers! www.dericksebastian.com is his website and Derick’s music is recorded and available.  Good job dude!!

Derick is one of those really cool guys that manages to be excited and relaxed at the same time.  A great personality for sure, it comes out in his music! Enjoy the footage – Hawaii Music Supply

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  1. Derick Sebastian is da man! He’s an incredible player and an incredibly nice person. He’s done two clinics for our Phoenix ‘ukulele meetup group and shared his time and talent at the Phoenix Aloha Festival in ’09. You can tell how talented he is by watching the video, but there’s no comparison to seeing him play live. BTW, I have all his CDs and a how-to fingerpicking DVD that he did. Worth every penny.

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