Ko’olau Curly Koa Cutaway

This is one of the finest instruments to come through the shop and so I wanted to share it with you. The Ko’olau ukulele sound has excellent body and balance. An instrument of this caliber gives a player the inspiration to attain a higher level of musicianship, and enjoyment! Corey here plays the Tenor Ko’olau in a few different styles for you to hear. Enjoy~  Coming in the next few days, Part 2 of the Close to you Tutorial, and sound samples of 6 new Kamaka tenor HF-3’s,  all with different strings! Thanks for checking in with TheUkuleleReview. Leave a comment!!     – Ukulele Listed here

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  1. Hey Corey, where’d you learn to play like that? As soon as I can play as well as you, I’ll take one of those Ko’olau tenors home!

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