3 Ukulele Players Highlighted

Some unreleased footage from our Ukulele Keaka series for your enjoyment!
This first performance is from the one and only, Mr. Kimo Hussey. Kimo has the ability,like all great musicians, to take a song and make it his own. I could tell Kimo’s playing from a mile away because his style is so distinctive and ….delightful! This link is to a post showing some of his workshop Kimo’s workshop at our store where he goes over his right hand rhythm technique.
This is such a beautiful song even in it’s rawest form. Just a chord melody on an ukulele and It is stuck in my head. “If I Fell” is a good example of why the Beatles had such an impact and continue to influence future generations of musicians. Good music is timeless. (And so is banging the blender 10 feet away from a live recording)
I have a lot more footage from Kimo because he was the host/MC at the Ukulele Keaka. Stay tuned for that.
The ukulele Kimo is playing is a Spruce top Mahogany sides and back Pono Tenor with a cutaway.

The next performer is a teacher and KoAloha artist- Neil Chin. He has an expressive style with influences from Jake Shimabukuro to Lyle Ritz. Neil is mostly a guitar player, but like a lot of guitarist here in Hawaii, ukulele was his first love. This young man continues to grow with his music so keep an eye out for him!

This young Hawaiian is named Kuhio and his voice and energy have the power to hypnotize. It amazes me that such an entertainer does not have a CD for sale and is practically unknown to the world. I should try to see if we can’t get him in a studio! Check out more from Kuhio at our YouTube Channel. Enjoy, and Aloha

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