Tenor String Review

In this video Aaron runs through 6 of the 20 or more string options you have with a tenor ukulele. The first set is the Kamaka all nylon. Aaron describes them as bright and loud. To me they are strong in the higher mid range, so you get a cutting, punchy, mid range tone. Very different from the Aquila strings brightness, which are sharper in the highest frequencies with a more scooped mid section. The scooped mid range is a common way to make an acoustic sound “sweeter”, but you lose a little body as you go. The two biggest factors are the way the instrument was built and the technique of the player. And even after that, the way a string affects the EQ of an instrument can not prove it to be better, because the best sound is still an opinion. I do have my opinion that the Aquila strings really help out the less expensive ukulele’s. The accentuated highs can bring it more alive and the lower tension can help the feel and longevity of the uke. However, on a more expensive ukulele, or with certain styles of music, or through an amplifier or PA,  Aquila may not be my first choice. The Low G Alohi was my favorite sound from the 6 Kamaka’s. However, it seems almost necessary to have 2-4 tenors with different string setups. Don’t you see how perfectly reasonable this is!

As a side note, these new Kamaka’s we got in are fantastic! The fret work and setup allow for low action, and the tone has a natural balance of brightness and body. The tone and feel of  new Kamaka’s are the best they have ever been! And they were always good!

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