Ukulele Review – Best Soprano Under $60

Just made it by a penny ! In at $59.99 this new Leolani Mahogany Standard has some impressive stats – Bone nut and saddle!!, quality geared tuners, an attractive mahogany body, and Aquila nylgut strings. Another nifty attribute is the 14 frets, two more than other soprano’s in this neighborhood. So down on paper it has some impressive features, but the real question is- How does it sound?
While there are many quality brands now in this affordable range, the Leolani Mahogany Standard is setting a New Standard! Take a listen-

It is a laminate wood body, as is anything in this price range. I often get asked about the quality and sound difference of a solid wood instrument versus a laminate. While the best ukes are made of solid wood, that does not assure it will sound better. To have a solid balance of structural resilience and tonal vibration, whether solid wood or laminate, is the main key to a good sound. That is what Leolani has accomplished here. While laminate wood will not age the same as solid wood, getting better in volume and tone, it can make a very nice sounding and well built instrument, like this one!
Now if it were solid wood with the same build quality it would sound even better, especially in 20 years, but then we are in a different cost territory.

For a soprano with a hard case under $100, this Leolani Mahogany Standard is quite a tough one to beat, stop by and check it out~ Aloha from Hawaii Music Supply!

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  1. I bought one of these Leolani’s a couple of years ago. My first uke! I had aquila strings on it and it sounded decent. I recently tried out the Martin strings on it and I think they sound the best by far. It’s as if I have a hole new uke that I think sounds 10 times better. Give the Martins a try!

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