Kala Travel Uke Series – 3 thin bodies sound sampled -Tenor, Concert, Soprano

Ever since it’s inception a few years ago these “Travel Ukes” have been surprising people with their amazing tone and volume. They are all well under 2 inches at the waist but as Aaron says ,”they have the Christina Aguilar syndrome”, little body with a big voice! We did this video to show the three sizes played next to each other, Tenor, Concert, and Soprano. This is a good way to hear which one you might take on your next trip! Just imagine… kickin back on vacation, strummin a little uke. Yes… a travel ukulele is a necessity!
But actually these are good right at home too, ~ enjoy the video! Corey plays a Bryan Adams song, lol. Where does he come up with this stuff??

This video shows the KA-SSTU series from the Kala company. These ukulele are an excellent value. To learn more log onto our website-TheUkuleleSite.com

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  1. I was sitting in the kanikapila tent at the Phoenix Aloha Festival last month, along with several other players, jamming with Herb Ohta Jr. An older lady sat down to join in and pulled out a soprano Kala travel uke. I couldn’t believe the sound that came out of that little thing. Even Herb was blown away. He asked her if she wanted to trade. I encouraged her to make the trade since Herb’s custom uke was already autographed with his name lasered into the soundboard. Not sure if she didn’t hear or didn’t want to make the trade because she eventually left with her Kala and Herb kept his custom KoAloha (I think). Anyway, I didn’t take these ukes seriously until I heard one. I’ve had to change my opinion.

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