The Baritone Ukulele – Review & Chord Chart

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The Baritone ukulele is the same tuning as the high four strings on a guitar. A 4th lower than a regular ukulele, but the shapes are all the same. The main reason you would want a baritone ukulele is because it sounds so dang good. It is significantly smaller than a guitar but still gives you a similar depth and color. The standard G C E A just does not do this, and vise versa. Both G C E A and D G B E are the same intervals but with a different key and tension. The same shapes inspire different composition. It is fun to have both a regular ukulele and a baritone ukulele. Both are equally, and uniquely ukulele!

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    1. I own a Kala Acacia Baritone with a MiSi Pickup in and it sounds really good and clear, I play all kinds of music on from oldie to country and my wife and I really enjoy the sound.

      It has inspired me to actually learn how to play the guitar at my local Guitar shop.

      Clyde Ortego

  2. I built baritone uke from a beginner guitar.
    I removed the 2 lower strings and bought new uke strings.
    changed the spacing for the two middle strings and tuned like guitar.
    I changed a full size guitar the a baritone uke too.
    I have have a large hand so the larger spacing works well for me.
    Thanks for the lesson an chord chart.

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