Troy Fernandez- Original Ukulele Styles & Local Inspiration~

This video is an overview from Aaron on one of the most influential uke players to come out of Hawaii – Troy Fernandez. Troy has his own unique style that has inspired many players. He was a big part of the “ukulele renaissance of the early 90’s”, giving us an ukulele sound that was exciting, versatile, and totally his own.

Troy teamed up with Ernie Cruz Jr. in 1991, and for the next seven years Ka’au Crater Boys was one of the most successful groups in contemporary island music. For most of the 90’s Ka’au Crater boys released one successful album after another. “On Fire” garnered a Na Hoku Hanohano award for “Best Contemporary Album of the Year”, click on the link and buy it!

A lot of kids have been inspired by Troy to pick up the ukulele and try to learn his fun and energetic style. Aaron, here in the video, expresses his influence and shows us a few licks from his repertoire. We will be looking further into these techniques in the future. Thanks for checking out The Ukulele Review ~Aloha!

I hope my achievements will inspire today’s kids in the same way, back in the day, Peter Moon’s music inspired me” – Troy Fernandez

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