Islander Ukulele by Kanile’a -Video & Review

It can get overwhelming at times, trying to make the right decisions.  When buying an ukulele, considering it, or even looking at the market for friends, there are many choices in the 1 to 300 dollar range to consider. So where do you go to to find out the real scoops. Duh, Ukulele Underground. But often people’s recommendations are based on what they had decided to buy because they now love it. They have it all to themselves in the ambiance of their own room. They have fun with it, so naturally they will recommend that model to friends.

No one is going to recommend this one. Not just yet, because it is a brand new line and people have not heard it and played it, but I am here to tell you… – the Islander ukulele’s sound REALLY good. I bet they sell out of the first run in two weeks. I have no idea actually, I just foresee the possibility. Why? Because they sound awesome! So much resonance, even with the small ones. Everyone should have one. You can’t take your Kanile’a around!
By making the Islander line, I truly believe that Kanile’a has given a gift to the ukulele community. These instruments are worth their price tag and then some! They are not too fancy. I thought the decal should be wood inlaid or lasered out or something, but who cares. When it sounds and feels this good you’re just happy that you can actually afford a uke with this tone!

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