A look at Luna ‘Ukulele

“So how are these Luna’s?” a customer at the ukulele wall asks while picking one up. “Good”, I answer handing him one. “Wow, I think this is my favorite so far”, he says strumming the High Tide Tenor. I give a little info, “Ya, we have carried their guitar line for a while and now carry the entire uke line. They sound good, the necks feel good. They’re really well made” He goes back and forth between tenors, all the while convincing himself by listening,feeling, checking intonation etc… ~ 15 minutes later..”I’m gonna get this Luna”
Such is an average day at the shop, except the next customer will have an entirely different attraction. So, to put my 2 cents in, I completely understood why that guy chose the Luna. What these new Luna ukes have is really special. And if you like that~ step outside of the box that make these otherwise traditional ukes so compelling, then don’t hesitate. After Joel sets these up, dresses the frets and does his final work, they are smokin’ the plain Jane for the same price! We have packs starting around $80 and even those sound great!

I had originally thought the Luna’s were going to be a hit because of the look. Actually, the unique designs keep them from selling at times, because they are very well voiced. It is not the aesthetic designs that sell these, it is the  sound and the feel.
Not everyone can be unconventional.  But, as you know,  not everyone can be conventional.

Here is some videos of the latest model, as well as a few staples of the line.

Corey-san gives us these samples.

Check these out at our site –TheUkuleleSite.com- Luna Ukulele

Under $100

Under $100

Thank you Mr. Fujimoto

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  2. I have 3 Lunas and I love them all. I have the Hono saprano the peace concert and an acoustic/electric tattoo concert but of all three I like the look and sound of peace ukulele.

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