Pono Makes Super Big Ukes!

Ok, they’re guitars. Our most popular ukulele company is making guitars again! When I first got news of these coming I may have rolled my eyes. Not that I didn’t always like Pono Guitars, but it’s been impossible to keep their ukes in stock, especially the tenors. Their small team of builders don’t mass produce, but they do it right. With models like the AT or MT we can’t get enough. So the prospect of guitars seemed a little beside the point, if you know what I mean.  BUT…

When we got these guitars in yesterday I was surprised. They don’t sound good or look good. They sound unbelievable! This little guitar matches my similar sized Ko’olau in volume and presence, and that is saying a lot! The build quality is on par with the boutique acoustic market starting at three times this price.  The woods and designs are amazingly beautiful! I thought the new Pono guitars would be nice and all, but these are much better than any Pono guitar has ever been. When Corey first started playing these he went from brown to red. He was so stoked it looked like he took a beer bong while I was wasn’t looking. We were both  surprised at the depth of this Single O model. The 12 fret to body moves the bridge down to that sweet spot, and the 24 3/4″short scale adds to the fullness.  Less tension also makes it easier to play. take a listen-

The first guitar Corey played is a single o 12 fret slothead Spruce top, Rosewood sides and back model in a gloss finish. The second one is the same size but with a Cedar top and Acacia sides and back in a satin finish. The first sells for $899 and second for $699. Both include the deluxe hardshell case.  The tone on these exceed their price range by a lot. The only reason they are able to be this price is because Ko’olau is only selling direct and through us at this point. We are the only retail store that carries these and we are so happy to be able to carry a guitar line we truly believe in.  These guitars bring a higher level of value than what we have seen for the last seven years of buying guitars.

Made in Java and set up here, the Pono guitars definitely have an island vibe, but are great for any acoustic style. They are available in different sizes, woods, and finishes. All of them have the 1 3/4 inch nut that’s more comfortable for fingerpicking .  In this video Corey and Zach play the Grand Auditorium size, slightly larger than a 000 size. Zach plays a Spruce top, Rosewood sides and back with a gloss finish. Corey plays the Cedar top Acacia sides and back with a satin finish. Both are also under $900  with Case.

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  1. Okay! You’ve got my interest on high alert as I love my Pono Ukulele’s. I will contact you, Andrew, for more details and spec’s. The Pono guitars include both steel and nylon string models? Always enjoy reading the “Review”.

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