Nedward Ka’apana caught in Action!

I say caught because Ned is one of those great players that you couldn’t find a video of online. You can learn some about Ned from his brother’s website   –

As teenagers, Led and his twin brother Ned and cousin Dennis Pavao formed the Hui Ohana, one of the hottest groups of the 70s and 80s and now legendary among Hawaiian musicians.

So Nedward is Ledward’s twin brother! They grew up in Kalapana on the Big Island of Hawaii. Playing music was what they did. There were no video games, there was no cell phones and iPads. They took music traditional Hawaiian music to another level. Ned left that ambition and now teaches ukulele to kid’s. Truly a nice man and I am glad to showcase him here at The Review.

Ned’s solo album In His Own Words, has a very peaceful beauty to it. But what he is best known for is playing amazing bass licks in traditional Hawaiian music with Hui Ohana and if you have not heard Hui Ohana check that out here– You will hear some great music from this family from the Big Island.

When I saw Ledward as I was finishing a lesson with Aaron I asked him to play. He was a bit reluctant but was lovin’ the Pono, so… here’s some super cool footage of a Hawaiian legend. Thanks Ned!

Hope you enjoyed the footage.
Oh, By the way..I have not been posting lately because I have been building a new Ko’olau Ukulele website.They asked me to revamp the site, so we did. Original content and lots of cool stuff coming soon from that. Maybe next time I will give you guys the first sneak peek! And get back to putting up reviews!
This one was for Ned. Truly a good man and gifted Hawaiian musician. Super big Mahalos to you and your family!

Always feel free with comments or questions here. Aloha from HMS and TheUkuleleSite. Visit us on the North Shore! Hundreds of ukes are waiting for you!!

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  1. Great video clips, Andrew! What a treat to hear these gifted Hawaiian musicians. The Ko’olau website is very informative. Nice job. How are the Pono Guitars for Slack Key style play? Thanks for these posts, Andrew. Tony

  2. Think I was half asleep when I heard Nedward play. His music answered my question. 🙂 Love this slack key style…

  3. That’s true , they are gifted Hawaiians musicians , we love them here in Tahiti and At that time they came by with Led , I was 10 years old, and they really open my musical mind to Hawaiian Best music. MAURURU !

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