6 Kanilea Concerts – Back to Back

So this video shows 6 models, all concert size, all koa wood, all made by Kanile’a Ukulele and played by Corey Fujimoto. Five of them have the regular concert scale length neck and the SC has the tenor scale.

First up is the K1-C in gloss. Kanile’a has a beautiful gloss finish and this is their standard Koa, still super nice. I consider this model a great value. Expensive, yes, but when you consider the materials and quality it’s a good deal. As is the satin finish K1-C. Kanilea just started offering a UV satin finish, but all of the satin instruments here are an oil finish. It feels very close to raw wood when compared with gloss. It will scratch if your fingernail slides across it. But this natural look and feel have their own appeal. So after the regular gloss concert, we hear the regular satin one.

Now we go back to a gloss finish, but to the K1-CP- premium grade koa. This wood is so attractive it’s almost alluring. As you turn it in the light, figuring in the grain takes life and curls with dimension, just beautiful. But this is a sound comparison, so don’t look too hard. Another model with added visual appeal is the next, the Island Tat concert. Early on Kanile’a got a laser machine for their logos, dots, inalys, and for creative purposes like you see in this model. I have wondered how lasering off a portion of the soundboard affects the tone? Another thing that could change subtleties in the sound is the shape of the soundhole. Which brings us to the heart shaped soundhole model, Ku’uipo.

The ku’uipo models normally have premium koa and this one has the standard koa. But it has all the other traits of a Ku’uipo , including ebony appointments, sand inlays, and a heart shaped soundhole. The last model is a satin concert, but with a tenor length scale. it’s called a longneck or super concert. I think this model works really great with the kanilea design.

So that’s a short video and maybe we should have been more extensive with it. It’s just another video and sound reference, #699 on vimeo. 6 of the options available when deciding on a Hawaiian koa concert ukulele from Kanile’a.

I’m always trying to describe what I hear. I’m interested in what you hear. They are all Kanile’a Koa concerts, so you may have to listen very closely. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Aloha!

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  1. Wow, they are all gorgeous looking and sound identical to my ears. At first, I thought the long neck was a tad brighter, but now think that was my imagination. In fact, it’s hard to imagine that any 6 ukes could sound so identical. Kudos to Kanile’a for their consistency and workmanship (and to Cory’s playing).

  2. The Uipo was my favorite for rich, full, yet bright tone.
    The Tat is really mellow yet rich. The Gloss CP prolly has the fullest, most immediate well projected overall sound. The satin is pretty impressively rich and loud too. Those longnecks may have the feel advantage, but a true concert just kicks it with the sound.
    Are these all Aquilas, (white strings)?

    1. Post

      Hey Michael, The strings that Kanile’a switched to about 6 months ago are the Daddario Nyltech. A string they collaborated with Aquila on. I prefer them and have had less intonation issues with the Daddario. Similar to Aquila but with more midrange punch.

  3. Hi guys!
    Many MANY thanks for this really useful vid. My ears agree with Brian – the long neck seems brighter, which surprises me a little. I’d have thought with more wood, it would have sounded either mellower or deeper somehow (but I’m pretty new to all this:-)
    The premium sounded mellow & warm, & the ku’uipo had more volume – would this be about right?
    Thanks again

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