A Rhumba Rythym for Uke


This is another quick lesson from Aaron. They’ll be much more ukulele tips and ideas to come, only found here at TheUkuleleReview. Subscribe at the side bar and you’ll only receive an email when there is a new post. No sales on this side of HMS, just free resources for the peeps. Aloha from your friends in Hawaii! A hui ho~

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  1. I think you need more practice. I usually like your playing, but this is obviously a style you need to know more about before showing others.

    Try separating your fingers more on the ‘fan’ stroke. Check out the guitars doing this rhythm on YouTube, so you can get ideas for the ukulele.

    Keep practicing.


    P.S. I still like most of what you play.

    1. Thanks Pat, It was a strum style that Aaron had just come upon and needs to practice, as he noted. I figure it is enough info for someone to practice and work with. The essentials of a rhythm are there. It’s not Aaron’s performance that’s gonna make someone good. But thank’s for the feedback, and if you want to forward me a link to an accomplished rhumba strum I can add it in there. (or maybe you can record something and show us:) Thanks

      1. Hi Andrew,

        I will try to send you a video tomorrow, after I visit the computer store and unsnarl my machine. I’m so glad that you are doing a rhythm series for ukulele. As someone once said, “It don’t.mean a thing if it ain’t got that RHYTHM!

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