KoAloha Pineapple- Regular or Long-Neck?

Quite a few times I have had customers choosing between these two models. Same ukulele but the second has a concert length neck, 2″ longer. So a longer scale gives a higher tension which will have a slight affect on the tone. In this video you can hear these two models back to back, same exact body but different length neck. Do you hear any differences?

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  1. The longneck sounds like it has more tension – brighter? The soprano is a bit warmer. Really appreciate the detail at the body end of the fretboard. It mimics the profile of the headstock. Very nice.

  2. Man alive!! You can choose whichever you want and I’ll have the left-over. Both are beautiful and sound gorgeous but that’s KoAloha. They can do no wrong in my opinion. To be honest I couldn’t hear much of a difference. Maybe I agree with the other two opinions and say the long neck (my preference) is the better but like I said I’ll take whatever is left. And I love the shape of the hole.

  3. I ordered a long-necked pineapple back in February, and just love it. HMS was a delight to work with. The uke has such a beautiful sound, even my amateur playing sounds good! Even though the tension is somewhat higher, I find this uke to be very playable. The slightly larger fingerboard gives me just that much more ability to finger well, compared to my regular soprano. It is now my most-played uke.

  4. I think the longneck sounds a bit brighter, but in truth, I’m biased because I own one.

    Of course it doesn’t stop me from wanting the standard pineapple as well!

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