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  1. (Dumb) question on the HF-3/HF-3L comparison:

    Where does the extra neck length go? More frets or wider spacing? Looks like wider spacing from the video. It would be good to see a side by side still shot, though.

    (Unhelpful) comment: they both sound great, with my preference going to the longer strings on the 3L, which sound just a bit more sonorous to my ear.

    As is, my only experience is with tenor neck, and the higher frets, anything above 10-11, are just way too close together to play cleanly, (yet.)
    I would like more room there.

    Is it expected that other makers, more middle price range, will follow suit?

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      Ya, wider spacing, I bet you would like the HF-3L. Gives more space and there is just something to the tone that makes it so wonderful. The Kamaka strings are nice but with fluorocarbon strings it’s especially bell-like with ringing sustain.
      I’m not sure who will follow suite. It requires a bit of tooling for a different scale length so it would take some effort, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets adopted by others. Thanks Ed

  2. These videos prove why Kamaka’s are “very loved”! Although different, there isn’t an undesirable one in the bunch. The long neck is a great idea that seems to work exceedingly well sonically.

  3. Love the HF-3L sooooo much!!!
    It punches (instead of just touches) my heart every time when it switches to HF-3L! Can’t describe it very precisely but it doesn’t matter, I know I like it better!
    If only I had big hands………. My hands are too small 🙁 I’m now playing a concert, and hoping that one day I can play a tenor or even a long neck tenor since they sound just so right! Figuring out a way to adapt my hands on ukulele (wider spacing), usually on a violin (narrower spacing), though…

  4. I’ve been wanting a Kamaka for awhile now, but the comments I’ve seen about the old tuners have made me cautious and I didn’t want to put something non-stock on one. These new tuners sound great, and a Kamaka concert is back on the top of my wish list.

  5. I love the reviews and I am a big fan of Kamaka. The only suggestion is that the reviewer should talk a little about the ukulele before they play it to get a little bit better info on the ukulele.

  6. I just installed a set of Gotoh UPTL on my Kamaka HF-2. The Shaller peg tuners drove me nuts especially the “E” tuner.
    When you order your Kamaka from HMS have them installed it is worth every penny.
    I was sweating bullets standing in front of a drill press with my Kamaka in one hand getting ready to run a reamer into the headstock.
    Oh by the way the Gotoh tuner are 2 grams lighter each than the Shallers tuner.

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