Twinkle Twinkle on Ukulele – Jazz chord Melody

Aaron Crowell manages to help people full time at our store and still run his own music school! He always has a nonchalant way of getting it done, and if you ever get a chance, grab a skype lesson from him. Sometimes of few ideas can really add to your musical undeerstanding.

Here’s the tabs and video for Aaron’s own sophisticated version of the classic. How classic? Must be the first song ever! Actually I have no idea, but for many it was among the first we had ever heard, and we probably thought the same thing back then; “Hey, that’s kinda nice and relaxing. Twinkle, Twinkle…. gotta remember that one!”.

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  1. This is a great lesson in playing a melody along with the chords. My daughter has been learning this song on the violin and this piece will be a fun accompaniment to play along with her. Thanks for the lesson.

  2. Hi Aaron – This is a good lesson. Some of the finger positions stretch the muscles! I don’t know if you check back on these old posts but a couple of questions: 1. Generally, is it a good idea to have one finger pick one string (thumb -4, index -3 etc.)? That looks like the way you pick in this lesson. 2. Is there another lesson where you show how to do that picking roll? Sounds great when you do it but is uneven when I try it.

  3. I would guess my hands are quite a bit smaller than Aaron’s, and just can’t seem to contort my fingers into that 3142 chord. Any hints/suggestions on how to accomplish it?

  4. Aaron. . . love lesson and the music. I am a rookie who recently ordered a Pono At from your company. In the meantime, been playing with my wife’s Kala Soprano. Wrapping my fingers and mind around the Fmaj7 (3142) has been a bitch until I discovered this bit of lesson about thumb placement from a place called “10 Tips to Make your Chords Sound Cleaner”. My thumb placement was over the top of the neck. I had no clue the thumb, most cases, goes under the neck. Anyway. . . it has helped immensely. Do you happen to have a video or lesson on thumb placement?

  5. Do you have a printable version of Twinkle, Twinkle?
    I love your tutorials and have purchased two Ukuleles from HMS.
    The reviewsite redirects me to another site.
    Love your approach

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