Two New Tenor Models from Kanile’a Ukulele

At this years NAMM (music trade show) Kanile’a ukulele showed two new models to their line up. Previously these instruments would have been labeled “custom tenor”, but they are now the KSTP and KSDLX. The KSTP is an all koa tenor with a slotted headstock. The KSDLX has a spruce top and koa sides and back.

Slothead All Koa – KSTP

These come with the best premium Koa, ebony appointments, and sand inlay. They both retail just over 2 grand and they are well qualified for their price range. They have a big tone and a “high end” look. We sold them so quickly that many never got to check them out. So here they are. Two killer Hawaiian Tenors, above is the KSTP and this is the..

Spruce top – KSDLX

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  1. The spruce top with the large koa rosette is one of the most beautiful looking ukes I’ve ever seen! And it sounds awesome, all across the eq tonal range. Wow.

  2. Beautiful! Joe has really outdone himself. I’d love to show these clips to the owner of the local high-end guitar shop in town who referred to the ‘ukulele as a “f***in’ toy!”

  3. Oh man. I wish that spruce top had a slotted head. That would be my dream uke. Stunning stuff Kanile’a!

  4. Will Kanilea be making a concert similar to the Spruce premium model?
    I would be interested in one a concert size or something similar with the wood combination of (not a super concert)

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