The Godin Ukulele- MultiUke Review

Robert Godin began making guitars in 1972 in Quebec Canada. By the eighties he had a successful factory of talented craftsman and was doing great work, but for other major manufacturers. Never publicly acknowledged, but I believe the Martin Shenandoah Series guitars were made by Godin. Eventually he focused on his own brands with Godin being the most innovative.

As the modern ukulele continues to evolve, Godin delivers his distinct style and innovation at just the right time. One way they do this is with the quality of this pickup. For years I’ve known these RMC saddle piece transducers and preamps to be great.

In fact, the best sounding amplification for a nylon string guitar I have heard was RMC, but this is my first experience with them on an ukulele. Godin and RMC worked together on this preamp section to make it optimal for ukulele. So how is it? You can listen below but my initial thoughts are that it’s phenomenal!

This Canadian made electric tenor ukulele is an excellent instrument in many ways. From our website you can read more specifications –Link– But I will go over some of my favorite features of the new Multiuke.

Radius fingerboard- 24″ radius to be exact. Meaning the fretboard has a slight curve for more comfortable chording and the most ideal low action for extra smooth play-ability.

The Chambered body and all solid woods gives light weight balance and plenty of acoustic resonance for inspired practice at lower volumes.

And lastly I will touch on something that is neither on Godin’s website or referred to in other places selling this. (I’m sure they will soon because it’s a pretty big deal) The Multiuke has an adjustable dual action truss rod. Does that matter? Both of these cedar top Godins had fret buzz when we got them. I peered down the neck and saw that both had a “backbow”.

They needed “relief” in the neck’s curvature. This is fairly common and we often have to plane and recrown the frets if it’s minor, or send it back if it’s totally off. But in this case, as with Pono’s, a few turn’s of the truss rod and the neck curvature is correct. Lower the nut slots correctly and she’s spot on. I love truss rods!

So bottom line, this newbie to the uke market comes highly recommended by us. If you’re looking for an electric ukulele of high quality, definitely check out the MultiUke from Godin. Sound, feel, look, and value are right on point and fill a much needed hole in our offering.

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  1. I’ve always had interest in the Godin guitars, now that they’ve came up with ukes, even better! Such a shame that they don’t have it in Australia yet though. Excellent review.

  2. Despite being somewhat non-traditional looking (and who really cares about that compared to the sound) the Godin is flat out gorgeous. And in Corey’s hands it really sounds sweet.

  3. What a beautiful looking and sounding uke! I have to admit that it speaks to my ignorance that I’ve never heard of Godin before, but I can tell you that after reading this review and listening to Corey’s wonderful sound sample, I ‘ll never FORGET Godin’s name! This is an ukulele that I’ve got to play!

  4. Wow, the look is unique and the sound is so smooth!
    I definitely would want to play around with one myself!

  5. Wow, that is gorgeous and if it sounds like other Godins in person, will be a great addition for anyone!

  6. This ukulele looks amazing! It looks beautiful and sounds beautiful, I WANT ONE!

  7. beatiful uke and very well playd 🙂 Does anyone know the name of the second song that he playd? lovely song 🙂

  8. That ukulele’s sound is phenomenal. I hope to play it one day. It’s so sweet and sentimental, yet so confident and loud. I pray I’d win this in the raffle!

  9. It sure sounds pretty! Curious as to what it sounds like unplugged – Quiet I guess, but how quiet? Also aren’t those sliders sort of in the strumming zone? Are they flush with the top?

    1. I was fortunate enough to win one of these in the recent Ukulele Site contest and it is amazing. It sounds very good unplugged – not terribly loud, but plenty of volume for practicing or a small room.

  10. That thing sounds amazing, even though it has unconventional looks. Wouldn’t mind owning this unique little uke at all. =D

    1. Post
  11. I own a Godin A8 mandolin and it is great for amplified sound-also great workmenship.
    I am sure that Godin Multiuke will be as great in the Uke world

  12. always like the guitars, they really have winner with this uke. good looks and great sound

  13. I already have a Godin Multiac nylon string guitar that I love, so I was very curious to see Godin’s take on the ‘Ukulele. When my wife & I visited your shop during vacation this summer, I absolutely had to try out the MultiUke. It blew me away. This is a truly amazing instrument, from all standpoints. I fell completely in love with it, and I had to buy it! Now it’s my hands down favorite ‘uke! (uh, just don’t tell my other ‘ukes that).

  14. I just purchase one with a beautiful Flamed Koa top, I also had to adjust the truss Rod to lower the action, but now it plays like Butter!

  15. Just ordered one of these with a flamed Koa top. Also have the A8 Mandolin coming for Christmas. I have three Godin guitars and a bass. All have synth pickups. Two of the guitars have piezo pickups under the saddle as well as humbuckers. They are my primary gigging instruments. Well made, easy to play, and very versitile with the multiple electronics options available. I can go from sweet sounding acoustic finger picking to shredding heavy metal with the quick adjustment of a few quickly accessible controls. Godin electronics are phenomenal. Looking forward to the uke. Wish they had made it with synth pickups.

  16. I saw my first MultiUke in a local music store not long ago. Looked good, felt good, hung it back up and moved on. I didn’t get 10 miles away before I went back and bought it. The action and playability are unbelievable. Mine was either perfect out of the box or else the shop did a great setup.

    Definitely not a loud acoustic instrument, but you can join in acoustic jams and be heard if that slightly drunk guy with the dreadnought lightens up a little. Plugged in is where it really shines. GREAT acoustic sound through the amp. Volume and tone sliders are smooth as can be.

    This is unconventional, to be sure, but I am SO glad I spent a few bucks and have my ‘last’ Uke.

    Demos by Corey were an unexpected bonus. Love your style.

  17. “Corey demonstrates while plugged into LR Baggs Reference Monitor” probably doesn’t hurt the sound quality of the demo either. LOL

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