Working One Hand at a Time?

Which hand is more crucial for being a good ukulele player? Grab your uke and try using one hand at a time. Which one makes better music? A fun challenge. Could this have any benefit? Only one way to find out.

Strumming/Picking Hand – Rhythm is the key! Think percussive. Make a beat. If it can stand on it’s own and be cool, then your most of the way there.

Fretting Hand – Challenge your dexterity. Improve hammer on and pull off with flow. Slap and pull. Get weird and discover a new technique. With only this hand you may just realize you need a setupΒ on your ukulele. This concert National resonator is a breeze to play! Good uke if your one handed. Corey samples the one handed technique..

To tell you the truth, I’ve never actually “practiced” ukulele. But I’m gonna start! No more of this unruly playing around!
Starting tomorrow πŸ˜€

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  1. Aloha Andrew,
    I practice everyday..but still no good haha ..but that is the only way to get better..i can not play in front of people..lol

    keep on
    practicing good fun!

    see you

  2. The Kanile’a Tenor I purchased from you guys sure does have me practicing a lot more. I just want to play it, it begs to be played!

    Corey definitely raises the bar for me once again on this one! I just keep slipping a few feet under the bar, but I will keep trying and give the one handed exercise I try. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Great video of the importance of each. As a beginner, I focused more on left hand, learning codes and notes on the fretboard. After gaining a good command of moveable chord shapes, I focused more on rhythms and fingerpicking patterns with the right hand. Now, I’m back to the left hand working on moving the pinky and ring finger off of bar chords to hit the melody notes. There seems to be always something next to work on.

  4. I practice and see some small increments and just keep wondering when I will be as good as all those people on Youtube πŸ™‚

  5. The idea of working each hand independently is a good one, although not always the most fun when you really want to be playing. Focusing on really using great technique with one hand, especially when mastering something new, while allowing the other hand to simply do the bare minimum, works for me!

  6. I have too play everyday, i started 2 months ago, It just takes a grip on you. Pure fun.

  7. I definitely have more skill playing the chords than fingerpicking at the moment, but still trying!

  8. The strum is the harder for me as I have to keep working on timing and trying to avoid digging in… but yesterday I was able to work a reasonable Formby split stroke, albeit a slow one. (Go me!)

    The nicest thing about learning the uke is that any accomplishment, however small and by either hand, always brings a smile.

  9. Fretting hand is definitely my challenge. Finger picking and strumming come fairly quickly but some chord changes are a bear!

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