2 Phenomenal Tenors from Ko’olau!

Ko’olau ukes have always been anywhere from good to unbelievable. For the last year everything I have seen from them would fall into the latter, extremely awesome category.

Less experienced builders often make a wonderful instrument, but they lack the ability to consistently produce at that level. Noa has been building Ko’olau guitars and ukes full time for 15 years. That’s coming after 10+ years of warranty repair for Martin, Taylor, and Gibson. Being a “master” means consistent greatness and Ko’olau is one of the only companies in the ukulele world on this level.

Here is a look at two new CS tenors. The first has a Bearclaw spruce top and an extremely rare set of spalted koa from Molokai. Noa said, “We will probably never see koa like this again. I only had this one set I was saving for a special instrument.”

This next instrument has a European Moon Spruce top and koa sides and back.

We will be posting at our website with more specs and description but wanted to give a sneak peak to our subscribers here at the review. Enjoy!

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  1. Everytime I see a new Koolau Ukulele I think:”Can’t get any better than this”. But Noa tops everything he had done before, especially with that Bearclaw Spruce and Spalted Koa… Absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to have my own Koolau some day.

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      Hey John, This one has a bit of spalting seen as black lines around the lighter wood in the center, aka sapwood. It happens when water gets into the wood creating a fungus and then drying out.

  2. They’re so beautiful, they make me want to sing…

    I don’t do that much better than I can play, at present, so I’ll hold off, but wow… so much heart embodied in these pieces, I feel elevated just seeing them. What it’s all about, right here.

    Heck with it; I’m gonna sing out, anyway. Thanks for sharing these.

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  3. Good choice Andrew! I like the Bearclaw better. Hard to explain but the Moon Spruce reminds me of the sound a harpsichord but on a ukulele.

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      thx Daniel, For about a week I used this Mic the Cole Ribbon 4038 I think. Not exactly warm or true. It’s much more full and sweet.

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