Tutorial & Tabs -“Guava Jam” by Ka’au Crater Boys (also a look at Aaron’s New Uke!)

Aaron gives us this lesson and shows us his new ukulele made by Jeb Wiemer.

Guava Jam Tab

This was one of Ka’au Crater Boys most popular songs, a classic you could say. Download it at itunes here- kaau-crater-boys

Guava Jam Tab 2Aloha!

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  1. Good lesson and congrats your new Wiemer ,a real Beauty . One of my favorite builders

  2. Wow nice penmanship, you actually wrote these out? You’ve given me confidence, although my chicken scratch wont visually appeal as much haha. Any chance I can get that template to print out, maybe will send ya one I do, aloha.

  3. Great tutorial! Is it just my browser, or are the links to the JPEGs showing the tabs broken? Any chance you could re-upload them? Thanks for all the great vids Aaron and HMS put out there!

  4. Thanks for this tab.
    Abe Lagrimas played this in our village just outside of Prague on Sunday, it was a great evening for a small bar, and a first for this country.
    I now just need about ten years to learn it.

  5. For a tune named after a condiment, it just sounds pretty and uplifting and possibly something I’ll be able to play. Mahalo Aaron! P.S. Can’t wait for my KoAloha pikake concert from you guys to arrive this Wednesday!!!!

  6. Great tutorials! Great Website! Thank you guys so much for posting some more advanced (strumming + picking) tutorials for these cool and also traditional songs. I’ve been learning a lot!

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