9 Tenors under $200

This video review shows 9 of our best selling tenors under $200. I’ll give a short description for each along with a link to our website which gives more details.

This is a “dry” recording, unaltered, just like all of our comparison videos. See more videos from “the Listening Booth” at our Review Section here at TheUkuleleReview.

Luna TT
The tattoo tenor from Luna offers a big sound that makes it a popular choice in the store. Polynesian designs are laser etched into the laminate mahogany top for a unique look at a modest price.

Kala TEM
This model from Kala has the sound of their popular KA-T but with their “exotic” mahogany for a traditional koa type of coloring and figure. A classy black binding frames it off.

Gretsch 9120
This tenor from Gretsch has a rustic look and a beautiful voice. This one has the fattest neck out of all nine (a “meatier” C shape), which some prefer and others don’t. I like it.

Islander MT-4
This is the import laminate mahogany tenor from Kanile’a. It has a deep tone and the Kanile’a nut width 1 1/2″ that some find more comfortable. All the other ones in the demo are 1 3/8″, so this give a little space for chording.

Kala TG
This handsome and affordable tenor features a clean gloss finish and appointments found normally in the higher price range. It has a slender neck and after our setup work plays like a dream.

Cordoba 20TM
This is one of two ukes on demo here that feature a solid wood top. In this case, solid mahogany. The tone is balanced and feel is smooth.

Fender Hau’oli
Classic tenor build with a cool Tele headstock. Slender neck and ready to rock.

Kala PWT
This Kala tenor has a Pacific Walnut laminate body for a striking look.

Kala STG
This is the other model with a solid top, in this case spruce. This newly designed model from Kala is impressive in all ways. Check it and all of these models out at TheUkuleleSite.com for more specs, the best pricing, and most importantly, our custom setup work.

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Phones, iPads, and all computer speakers will compress the sound and hide the differences. To truly hear the sound you must listen with good headphones or good monitors. By listening this way I am confident you will hear differences. Share your opinion and win one of these tenors!
Aloha friends, a hui ho!

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    1. wow didn’t know they made a Kala TG. I know the Kala SLNG ( soprano Long/neck) and Kala CG (concert) are one of the best sounding ukuleles that rival even more expensive ones.

      1. I loved the islander MT-4. The sound is so smooth and reminds me of Kanilea .the tones are so right

      2. I liked the KalaTG also. Crisp and full sound. But truth be known I liked all of them… Maybe because of the guy who was playing.

    2. As always another line up of Awesome Ukelele’s from Kala ! I would be proud to own one, my other Uke gets lonely.

      1. I really like the Islander I like the crisp sound how the notes are definitely different I like the fretboard the spacing between the strings makes it easier to do cords with big hands
        I think the Islanders are under priced and I think the price will go up as soon as people realize what great quality and what a great sound you get from them!

    3. The Kala PTW is beautiful and has a great sound and seems the best bang for your buck. I was surprised that fender has such a great sounding tenor. I would love to get my hands on any of these. They all sound and look great. Mahalo for sharing this.

    4. All these ukes sound great. I will view and listen to this video several m ore times, but I think that the Gretsch and the Cordoba have the deeper more mellow tone which I like but I also really like the Kala STG. It is hard for me to say. I currently do not own a ukulele but I am shopping and hopefully will have one and will learn to play it soon.

    5. I loved the Kala stg ukulele sound and amazing beautiful spruce wood used to make it, I loved the rich full sound that the instrument also projected. Aloha!

    6. I’ve always liked the Kala Ukes. I have two of their Ukes. I especially like the tone of my Kala Concert Uke. I do like the tone of the Kala STG. Smooth.

    7. Love the sound of the Luna TT! It will be a great companion to my Washburn Oscar Schmidt!

    8. I can’t believe that all of these ukes are under $200. The Luna TT is just beautiful… and so many of the Kala’s sound amazing. I’ve never played a Tenor uke, mine is a concert. Adding one of these to my options of playing would be fantastic.

    9. What a beautiful group of ukuleles, they all sound great. I especially like the sound of the Luna TT.

    10. I really like the fender hau’oli. I think it is beautifully designed & I especially like the head. I also dig the kala tem. I think the wood tones are pretty.

      1. I really like the tone and look of the Gretsch. Old school and sounds like an instrument that has matured over time. Not as bright a sound as the others just sweetness. Hey, October 16th marks 37 years of marriage for my wife and I. Sure would like to serenade her on the Gretsch. ๐Ÿ˜‰ aloha

    11. These are all fantastic bargains for their price range. But based on its solid top and bright tone, I’l vote for the Kala STG. The truth is they’re all gorgeous–and gorgeously played.

    12. Wow. You couldn’t lose with any of these! We’ve all gone a bit uke nuts around here. I have two spruce top Kala tenors that have perfect action, hold their tuning really well, and have that bright tenor sound. I’d buy another in a heartbeat (and probably will one of these days). My son has a Luna concert tattoo that looks as cool as it sounds. And one of the kids I’m teaching at church has an Islander soprano. I’ve never really wanted a soprano, but it’s fun to play and has a gorgeous sound. I’d love to try a tenor.

      I think I’m going to have to put this on a loop and just keep listening.

      1. I have a Kala baritone and it is a favorite of mine. However here, I liked the beautiful tone of the Luna TT and Cordoba 20 TM.

    13. Wow, just love the sound of all of them. Very sweet sounding. Of course great technique as well. I like the Islander best.

    14. That Fender sounded good to me and I like the unusual head. I have biggish fingers and maybe the Gretsch would fit me better. I have an Islander Concert and looooove it, though I am a very slow learner. The ukulele sound is so encouraging. What a lovely instrument. I am so impressed with all the small details that differentiate each one.

    15. The Gretsch has a nice warm tone for the price islander & kala stg are sweet as well.
      Thanks for all the great demos!

    16. Founds like you can’t go wrong with any of them. But I just love the luna TT it looks beautiful in addition to a great sound. The kala stg has a great sound. Love them all!

      1. Thank You.This was a real nice way to hear some mid price tenor.Now my opinion only,to my old haole ears,I prefer the sound of the two solid tops.I was surprised at the nice tone on the Luna.For a laminate,well worth the $.I don’t have any tattoos that would match though.Actually I don’t have any tattoos at all.So maybe that’s not the right uke for me.On second thought if I play down at Prince Kohou Mall here in Hilo,maybe people will think I have cool tattoos.You Never Know.Thanks Again.

    17. I think Cory could make a man hole cover sound sweet. In this price range I might be tempted to go for the Luna just to be different. Listening in person would make the difference.

    18. The Cordoba 20TM was my first Uke and I absolutely love it!! I have others now but I still go back to the Cordoba for it’s great sound and easy action!! A great choice for a first timer or even for an experienced player just to have a great sounding uke that feels great to play!!

    19. I have the Gretsch, but i thing that the KALA STG sounds better.
      Creative video, and also very useful for anyone ho want to by a ukulele,.

    20. The player made them all sound great . The Luna TT , the Kala TEM and the Gretch 9120 , wow what a choice . Love all 3 of them. Have a Kala , maybe the Gretch if had to make the choice. Thanks , Aloha

    21. What a beautiful selection of ukuleles! After listening to your demonstration of these ukuleles I would be hard pressed to select just one that I like the most! Each model has an equally beautiful sound and visual presentation. What a great selection and craftsmanship! Wishing you much success!

    22. The Luna’s have really improved from the a few years back. I remember earlier models that sounded a bit thin, but the Luna TT was right in the mix with a nice mellow sound. How about a review of the best amplified tenor under $250.

    23. All the ukes are sweet and I especially like the luna TT the cordoba 20 TM and the fender Hau’OLI, but if all were on a table — I would pick up the luna TT and and run..Thanks!

    24. I’m rather impressed by the fullness of the Gretsch and the Islander. I’m glad I listened – there are some lovely sounds in this lineup.

    25. I was amazed at how good all of them sounded.
      My particular favorite was the Kala STG.
      Corey sure plays nicely!

      1. All very nice sounding Ukuleles, but I would have to say the Gretsch 9120 is the Uke I would listen to all day

    26. This is a great way to compare ukes! I like the Kala PWT and I would like to get my hands on the Gretsch to see how that neck feels.
      Also the Fender sounds nice and bright to my ear.

    27. Thanks for letting us hear all these amazing tenors. The Luna TT sounds nice and bright. I don’t care for the non traditional look of the fender tuning pegs. The Kala PWT looks and sounds the best to me.

    28. It is amazing how many wonderful ukulele’s are available under $200! Love that Islander MT4. Any of these are a great choice for beginner and experienced player alike. It is great to hear them played side by side.

    29. Thanks for doing the comparison and putting it up.
      Kala PWT looks great and sounds good too.
      The Pono is also a treat.

    30. I love the feel and sound of Kala, especially for the price! But I would be interested in trying out the Islander with the 1 1/2″ nut, and it sounds great ,too. I have a Kala SM Baritone strung as a tenor and it sounds fantastic and is easier for me to play with big hands.

    31. Let’s start by saying that Corey’s skill as a player is indisputable. He makes any instrument sound pretty darn good. I also appreciated the way in which the instruments were compared. The Islander MT-4 with the wider nut and the Gretsch 9120 with the fatter “meatier” C shaped neck intrige me. Both would require a hands on try. I definitely prefer a solid wood top and love the sound of a spruce or cedar top. For those two reasons I would choose the Kala STG. I did consider the Cordoba 20 TM as it also has a solid wood (mahogany) top but I preferred the sound of the Kala STG. There is a lot to consider in these nine well priced instruments. Thank you HMS.

    32. How many ukuleles have some tribal or polynesian designs? There’s only a few and the Luna is a good example with big sound and affordability. With the younger generations into ukulele now is the time to come up with some new designs for the ukuleles. Young people wants something different and not the same old thing. I have a Luna and couldn’t be more happier with it.

    33. Appreciate the Luna TT construction and sound board design. The rich deep resonance and soft tone catches my ear. Like the wider neck for fingering and picking.The finish is stunning and eye catching and boast a quality ukulele.

    34. Just returned from the “Garden Isle” with ukulele sounds still in my head – so wonderful. The Cordoba with solid wood matches the sounds that are so magical and Kauai mellow.

    35. Enjoyed them all, but for my taste, both for exceptional beauty and wonderful tone, is the Gretsch 9120.

    36. These ukes are all cool. I liked the Cordoba and the Fender best because I love the ringing resonance. I thought both the Kalas sounded crispy and tight, and that Luna is gorgeous and very sweet sounding. The Gretsch had some reverberation going on too, like the Fender. You know, like slack-key guitar. Holy crap! I’d love any one of these like a baby.

    37. All of these tenor ukulele’s have a good warm tone. I think the deciding factor would be which look and feel would appeal to you. I really like the look of the Kala TEM.

    38. I really love the luna line. They are gorgeous and have a deep rich tone. I own the peace model and everywhere I take it people want to see and play it.

    39. The Kala ST is my favorite. I have a Kala Ka PDKT, and I love the full tone of their tenors. The “”St” rings like a much more expensive Uke.
      Great promo. Thanks

    40. What a great opportunity to listen to a collection of ukes. It makes it so much easier to catch the subtle differences between each one. I hope you post similar demos for other sizes and price points.
      With this group, there were several with a sweet tone, but I loved the Grestch with its jangley Rickenbacker sound.

    41. I really appreciate all these ukes for different reasons. Each has their own individual voice and presence longing for a good home. My top picks would be the Kala STG for it’s clean looks and sound, Islander MT4, Kala TG, and the Tatted Luna.

    42. I bought my wife a Uke for Christmas last year. The best thing is my 2-year old grandson likes to sing Oh McDonald Had A Farm with Nana on the Uke.

    43. Love the unique sound of the Luna TT and design. Gretsch would be a good addition given the wide neck and sound.

    44. My son has the Islander. It was supposed to be his travel uke. He loves the tone and the neck size. He plays it all the time. It is a great value.

    45. I love the looks and sounds of the ukes. They all are great and workmanship looks excellent. I especially like the sound of the Luna TT. I live In Idaho and have a Kamaka Tenor. Every time I play it people tell me how great the sound is, that’s what the Luna TT reminds me of. Mahalo for sharing and much Aloha
      Ahui Hou

    46. The Luna ll projected a big sound along with brightness and full mellow tones along the neck.
      The instrument responded fully with both finger picking and strumming styles of play. I’d love to
      hear this beautifully Tatoo-designed Uke anytime!
      I also loved the bright light-hearted tone range of the Kala ST. Beautiful and a joy to hear!

    47. This is a very impressive line-up of great-sounding Ukuleles.
      I liked the mellow rich tones of the Luna TT and the bright-happy joyfull
      notes of the Kala ST; both responded in finger picking and strumming styles.
      I thought the Luna sounded more Hawaiian and the Kala more Classic.

    48. What a great group of tenor ukes! My favorites are the Luna TT and the Gretsch. Both have the rich, mellow sound that I really enjoy.

    49. I love the Kala TEM! It is so beautiful and the sound is reflective of the Kala. I would love to win it! It would be a great Birthday present for this Libra. You guys rock!

    50. The Gretsch 9120 had the smoothest tone for me and the sound was very balanced. My second most favorite was the Cordoba 20TM and had a more pronounced attack that would punch out great for soloing with other instruments. I bought a Pono Tenor from Hawaii Music Supply several years ago and I must say that all the instruments I’ve played were all set up perfectly so it was just a matter of finding the instrument that I connected best with when playing.

    51. I listened through all of them 3 times closing my eyes and opening them when I thought, “Wow!” Each time, The Islander came out on top. But the Kalas sounded really close. Great values for all of these!

    52. My favorite is the Fender Hau’oli. I love the sound of it, the narrow neck and the tapered headstock.

    53. The cordoba 20tm for me sounds beautiful and looks great. i could just lie back and drift away. uke can’t believe it for the price!

    54. I’m not a fan of tattoos on humans, but the tats on the LunaTT really makes it a cool instrument of the islands.

    55. The Luna TT and the kala TEM look really nice but sound wise My first pick would be the Cordoba 20TM followed closely by the Islander MT4

  1. That Luna TT is a beautiful piece of work. My cellphone speaker may not do any of these ukes justice, but the subtle clear tone of the Luna stood out to me.

  2. I have an Luna concert tatoo and think that tenor is same quality of sound, that means – GOOD choice under 200$. And i absolutely like Kala PWT for its amazing wood structure. But i think the best of the best is Kala TG. Thanks for you Giveaway

  3. In terms of appearance, the Luna definitely takes the cake followed by the gorgeous grain of the Kala TEM. But I just can’t get over how good the Islander sounds. So rich and the lower spectrum but with that little bit of high end sparkle.

  4. I really am lenient towards the most original looking and sounding tenors there are. The Kala ‘ukulele usually come through, and it think that both the PWT and the TEM have their own character. The PWT has a very clear tone, like a bell, and the TEM has a warmth that the PWT does not have. Clean, and traditional looking ‘ukulele, at the best prices possible.

  5. Great video! I love the sound and look of the Kala STG, Fender Hau’oli, and Kala TEM. I am relatively new to ukulele and this giveaway really got me excited because I don’t own a ukulele yet! Thank you for hosting this Giveaway. You guys are the best!

  6. I really liked the sustain on the Gretsch, but I think the Kala TEM would be my personal choice based off the video. But hey, I’d be happy with any of them.

  7. The Luna TT is beautiful, but I really love the Gretsch. For both visuals and tone, it is my favorite.

  8. The Tele headstock of Fender Hau’oli is interesting. The pacific walnut top is beautiful. Watching the video on my laptop, I think the Cordoba and STG sound better.

  9. I am absolutely in love with the Kala TEM, also the Cordoba that ive never seen before gives me a warm feeling from inside!

  10. I always try to watch these reviews without looking at the video so i’m not influenced by how they look. I like the sound of the Islander the best, it sounds a little fuller in the notes to me.

  11. For me I looove the Kala TG! It has a very unique๏ปฟ look, love the borders around it! It has a balanced and bright sound and I think it’s perfect!

  12. I’m just a huge fan of the instruments versatility. I’d love to rock out on the fender Hao’Oli. Mainly because it a stands out from the ones I own. It would make a great addition to the collection! Mahalo to you guys for the giveaway.

  13. Everything has each unique sound and look! But I think the best is the Kala TG! It has such a bright and beautiful sound! I love how it looks like, beautiful and simple design! Iโ€™m so excited to whoever is gonna win these ukes! crossed (fingers hoping๏ปฟ that i would get one!:))

  14. Love the Fender Hau’oli headstock. Somehow all sound very similar to me. Looking forward to the giveaway

  15. The design on the Luna is absolutely gorgeous! I don’t know if I could shy away from the beautiful sound of the Gretsch or the Islander though…

  16. I really like the sound and looks og the Kala TEM, as well as the PWT!
    They look absolutely stunning!
    However, being madly in love with Kanile’a, their sound and not least the width of the neck makes the Islander equally attractive!
    If it had to come down to one uke, the TEM would probably be the one. At least for me.
    Great giveaway! I really appreciate that it isn’t limited to US only! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Great sounds on all of these the Luna is amazing to look at but my ears go insane for that islander!! urghhhh soo greatttt lol

  18. In my personal opinion the “KALA TEM” is my favorite all around. The sound is crisp and refreshing even on the higher frets. The look is fantastic, very classy yet modern. An extremely beautiful instrument

  19. The Grestch sounds the best for me and the Cordoba is very nice too. The Islanders sound stands out the most too.

  20. That Kala spruce top tenor sure is loud and bright! I definitely love the look of that Fender though

  21. I thouroughly enjoyed all of these beautiful ukuleles. Personally, I like the Kala PWT, and the Luna TT more than the others because of the design and color of them body.

  22. They all look and sound fantastic! Personally though, the Kala TEM really stands out to me for its lovely sounds! Thanks for the giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. All the ukes sound great. My favorites are the Gretsch and the two more “exotic” Kalas (figured maple and walnut).

  24. Warm, resonant tones; gorgeous tats; rich color; the Luna TT is delicious in every way a Ike should be.

  25. I really love them all. They all sound and look great. Especially the Islander and the Luna.

  26. I love how well made the design on the Luna TT looks, but i got to give it up to the Kala TEM has a very nice “pitch” to it

  27. Love them all !! I especially liked the sound of the Islander. Lovely giveaway !! Thanks

    1. All of these ukulele’s could find a place in my house. To me, the Kala PWT looks very good, with middle of the review tones. The Islander Mt-4 is too clean looking, but I like it’s sweet ringing tone the best. My two cents. These other beauties fall in between the Kala PWT, and the Islander Mt-4 for looks and sound, IMHO.

  28. These are all great ukes. I have a first generation Islander MT-4 that I bought without trying based on HMS reviews and Aaron raving about how comfortable it was to play. I’m still in love with it. It feels and sounds great. In this group I also really like the sound of the Gretsch.

  29. So many Kalas there, they share almost the same sound, while respectable but not outstanding. Grestch 9120 sounds great, but too bad it has a fat neck. Luna TT has beautiful decoratives, but I think it’s not the greatest sounding in the group. Islander MT-4 is a bit disappointing coming from the Kani’lea family. Fender Hau’oli sounds great and with a distinctive headstock. For me, my choice and my winner is Cordoba 20TM, completely smittened by it. Guess that solid wood does make a difference, and with Hawaii Music Suppply doing the setup, it’s a dream to have it!

  30. Thank you a lot for this giveaway, currently on a soprano, and i would love to own a tenor to have more fret/space.
    I really love the way the Gretsch 9120๏ปฟ sounds but any of this Ukulele will be awesome. The Luna TT have also a beautiful voice !
    Once again thank you for this event,
    Aloha ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. All these ukes have great sounds for the cheap price! The one ukulele I thought had the best sound was the Luna!

  32. Love both the Gretsch 9120 and the Kala TEM clear sweet tone. But they all sound good must be the player ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. For me, it’s a tie between the Cordoba 20TM and the Kala STG. Good sounding ukuleles. Who’s playing in this video? You’re very good. Mahalo for the video and an opportunity to win an ukulele! AlohaKelleyLima.com

  34. To me, the Cordoba has such a beautiful and nice full sound. It is very full and the highs are so balanced with the lows.

  35. the sounds are all very similar, Cordoba and Fender apart, but the greatest ones are the kala tg and the gretsch!

  36. I’ve been dying to get an Islander for awhile now. The Kala STG has a very nice sound to it and looks amazing. Never played a spruce top before. Islander is definitely the uke I have my eye on though

  37. I really enjoyed the visual difference of the Luna TT, Although they are all fantastic instruments. I would be honoured to own any one of them.

  38. I love the Kala STG best; it’s got great depth and projection without losing that sweetness of tone. The Gretsch and Islander both come a close second though.

  39. can’t descide a best in class. can’t go wrong with any of them. I think the Kala STG is special though.

  40. What a great sounding bunch of Uke’s! My favorite is the KALA TEM, a bit more wide sound and buttom is comming out my speakers! But I like them all anyway!!

  41. They all sound pretty good for uke below 200$ and they all look nice. But the most simple looking one, is the one with the most beautyfull sound, I think.
    The Cordoba has a warm and crispy sound with many overtones. I would like to have one of those. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Personally I think the “Islander MT-4” has the superior depth and tone quality, while the “Luna TT” has a unique design it lacks in true tone. But overall they are some of the best ukes for that price!

  43. Such amazing instruments! I just love the Islander MT-4 everything about that ukulele is just fantastic! I mean all those ukuleles just warm up my heart(: Especially with Corey Fujimoto playing such an amazing artist! also a major inspiration to keep playing and learning new songs.

  44. The Kala๏ปฟ TEM sound crystal clear and bright to me with a little less “wholeness” in it’s voice. Perfect for solo playing, imho.

  45. I love that Islander MT-4. Seriously gorgeous and has the sound to match it. It just stood out for me. It’s a great selection of ukes, all of them sound so unique. The design on the Luna is amazing looking. The Kala TEM is just so full and bright and the mahogany is beautifully figured. There isn’t a ‘best’ one but I’m totally drawn to the Islander.

  46. I really like the Kala TEM. I believe it has the best overall sound yet it still has a nice punch to really cut through a recording. Since I play with the pads of my fingers instead of nails, I need all the punch I can get. The Gretsch probably has the best looks and a pretty close second for overall tone and projection.
    I really enjoy this blog, especially when I send people here that are unsure of what to purchase when buying a new ukulele.


  47. All of that lovely babies sounds Great! But Luna TT and Kala PWT caught my eyes the most! Their Classic design and sound is Perfect! would be a dream come true if I could have either one of them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

  48. Tried the Cordoba and the Luna when I was looking for my first uke. I ended up getting a Kala.

  49. They all sounded good, but to my ear the Cordoba 20TM was most pleasant to my ear. Thanks for this opportunity!

    1. I’m making sure this comment was incorporated. I don’t believe my WordPress account was registered at the time of this posting. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck to all who hope to win one of these beauties! Hope I’m one of them!

      “The Kala TEM and STG sound best to me. At least to my personal liking. Iโ€™m always looking for a๏ปฟ full warmer tone that is not too punchy, but still loud enough to project solid volume. Some of the warmer ukes Iโ€™ve seen are associated with a quietness to them. What woods would lend themselves to this type of behavior?”

  50. The Kala TEM and STG sound best to me. At least to my personal liking. I’m always looking for a๏ปฟ full warmer tone that is not too punchy, but still loud enough to project solid volume. Some of the warmer ukes I’ve seen are associated with a quietness to them. What woods would lend themselves to this type of behavior?

  51. I bought the Luna Tattoo from HMS, has a winderful loud woody tone, especially nice with Corey’s playing. For the money it’s a steal.

  52. These are very unique ukuleles with great sound. I’ve the Fender Hau’Oli and it’s awesome. I really like the Luna TT.

  53. After a couple of blind listenings, I think I preferred the Gretsch and the Islander, but the all sounded pretty great.

  54. I’ll pick Luna TT based on the look(it also sounds nice!). For the sound only, I’ll pick Islander MT-4 or Gretsch 9120.

  55. I think they all sound great. I’m surprised how nice the Fender sounds. I’d be super happy with any of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. That Kala PWT looks so cool kind of like a birch wood. That Luna TT design is pretty cool also…I would love to have any of those ukulele’s!!!

  57. I think all of theme sound really nice but I like better three of theme gretsh 9120 islander mt-4 and kalapwt. My opinion is based on sound only, not on the appearance of the instruments.

  58. I think I can safely say that they are all beautiful ukuleles, I love the Luna TT and the Gretsch 9120 particularly ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. I would have to say all of these are great beginner ukuleles! What’s even better is they all have a slightly different character to them so you can pick the one that best fits your personality and style.

  60. I liked several. Hard to compare with different characteristics. It’s between the Kala solid spruce top and Islander for reentrant tuning and the Cordoba for low g. Was surprised how good the Fender sounded too. That tattoo is very good, but low on projection.

  61. I love the Luna TT and the Kala TG! The build creates some amazing tones on those ukuleles! Thanks for displaying them all in the video.

  62. I love the Gretsch, sound and looks. I’m going to have to fly out there to try it out, I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚ The Kala STG also strikes me as one to get my hands on and try out.

  63. The Islander MT-4 has it’s own unique sound compared to the rest, and one I like a lot. The design and pattern on the Luna TT is very nice. It seems that it has a softer sound. The Kala ST has a very nice and simple, clean cut build. Finally, the Gretsch 9120 and the Fender Hau’oli. Both ukuleles have nice wood colors and a sound that I find very appealing to the ear. These are just my opinions though, please don’t take it seriously if you disagree with me. Hope I win, thanks for the givaway!

  64. My two favorites are the Luna TT and the Cordoba 20TM. The Luna is gorgeous and have a nice warm sound, but the Cordoba has a greater tone/bass, according to me.

  65. Love the sound of the Kala TG. I bought the Soprano version from HMS about a year ago and couldn’t be happier with it. I would love to welcome the Tenor version into the fold!

  66. I really liked the sound of the Luna TT, the Gretsch, the Cordoba and the Kala STG. I’m not a big fan of fat necks so that’s a minus on the Gretsch for me. I have a Cordoba myself, so I’m kinda biased to talk about it haha. Between the TT and the STG I’d go with the STG mainly because of the solid top (also it’d be really good to be able to compare myself the mahogany and the spruce tops). I also liked the sound of the Fender one but, in my opinion, the Tele headstock just doesn’t feel right on a ukulele.
    Anyway, thanks for the giveaway and I gotta say I’m a big fan of your Youtube channel!!

  67. I’ve always liked the looks of the Luna Tattoo Tenor. All of these tenors sound amazing in Corey’s hands.

    1. I would like to play the Luna Tattoo Tenor; it has personality. And the Cordoba 20TM sounds great!

  68. Surprisingly, the Gretch 9120 sounds best to me. I also like the sound of the Cordoba and the two Kala’s. Great video! Thank you.

  69. How would one choose from these beautiful ukuleles? Right away the Luna TT caught my eyes and ears. I have the Luna Concert and when I want to unwind I reach for my Luna. With the warm sound and it’s good looks because of the tattooes this ukulele appeals to me. And, the set-up from Hawaii Music Supply makes any ukulele top of the line.

  70. I love the sound of Gretsch 9120. The strings plays so subtle, mellow yet smooth sounds. it’s beautiful. The Luna TT is great too. The sound is mellow too which is more to my liking. It sounds as great as Gretsch 9120 but Gretsch 9120 have charmed me with it’s notes.

  71. Great great uke comparison as always! Love these videos and love these ukes. I’d LOVE to finally get a tenor, I’ve been dying for one.

  72. the Kala TG and PWT has nice sound . Each has their own personal sound. The Fender Hau’oli has a different look with a good sound to match.

  73. I really like the sound from KALA PWT. It makes me feeling like I was relaxing on the beach.

  74. Awesome! I have played the exotic mahogany one! Amazing uke for less than $200! The pacific walnut one is amazing too. Played it at my local store!!

  75. First of all…Kudos to the player for the excellent music. That must have been fun. After many listens, I think I prefer the Gretsch 9120. Just sounds about right for me. But, really…you can’t go wrong with any of these ukes. Play on

  76. I really like the bright sound of the spruce top uke. The Cordoba has a pretty tone as well. All have a nice tone.

  77. Love the islander. I have played almost all of them and I love how deep the islander sounds. But the cordoba is a great ukulele for a great price

  78. I’ve been dreaming of getting my hands on a kala spruce top, concert or tenor. The tone really pops and sounds great with some blues. Kala’s got some of the best products for a reasonable price for sure!

  79. Such beautiful instruments, warm. clean, crisp, beautiful sounds. Also great playing they really do emphasize the projection of these instruments love them all! I have yet to try out an Ukulele but I really hope I can win one of these gorgeous Ukuleles so I can start learning and playing outside my patio. keep up the good work.

  80. The Gretsch has rich harmonics. The Fender is nicely articulate. However the Kala STG is the best sounding of those here. But hell, Corey makes them all sound wonderful.

  81. I think they all sound very good, but I would say the Gretcsh has the best sound and the Cordoba the best looks.

  82. I want to like the Kala PWT – the walnut is beatiful. But in terms of sound it doesn’t come close to the Gretsch 9120 or the Islander. If I had to choose: Gretsch has an amazing sustain, usually not a ukulele’s strong side – which is good news for an amateur;-) Gretsch it is.

  83. Feel like the best is the Kala STG because of the solid top and the usual quality of Kala. I really love too the choice of top wood that gives the uke its own personality, because the others sounds to me quite the same, except maybe the Fender that sounds too boomy and the Gretsch that’s too fatty. Others that looks remarkable are the Islander, I like its features and it sounds quite good too, and the Kala TEM, striking look!

  84. I do like the Kala’s, especially the TEM, and maybe that’s because I own a Kala tenor already. The Cordoba also jumped out at me, unexpectedly. But I don’t think you could go wrong with any of them.

  85. I want KALA PWT . The colour is nice and the sound is relaxing . I really wish I get one of this ukuleles . I want to become master in playing ukulele ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. I really love the look of the Kala PWT but am loving the Gretsch and Islander as well. I’ve been thinking about getting a tenor and this makes me want one even more. Thanks for the videos and the giveaway.

  87. Personally I love the Luna TT. I have a Luna Gypsy guitar and the sound of Luna guitars are very distinct and very rich and full.

  88. I own the Kala PWT and it is a fantastic Ukulele. I Have it set up with a low G. The sound is great. A family member has the Kala TEM and I do not like this one as much. Its sound is a bit sharper and so are the edges, it is not as comfortable to hold. I would love to own the Luna TT or the Fender Hau’oli.

  89. My favorite is probably the KALA TG. It was bright and smooth and that wood is very sexy.

  90. The Gretsch is just way cool! Not a huge contender in the Uke world, but they make fine instruments!

  91. Some beautiful looking and sounding Ukes on that list. My favourite is the Luna TT, followed by the Gretsch. However, I don’t think you could go wrong with any of them.

  92. Wow, they all sound great, but if I had to choose I would take the Cordoba 20 TM for it’s warm, rich sound, or the Luna TT because I love the tattoo. I’d be thrilled to own any of them.

  93. all of these ukuleles are beautiful and all sound nice but my favorites definetely are the Luna TT and Kala STG, the Luna is very eye appealing because of the design on it which is SICK! and the Kala STG just sounds very good and i love the color, different from the others.

  94. I have played the Kala TEM and the Luna I like the sound of the Kala STG. I have yet to play any of the other ukes.

  95. Definitely like the Gretsch sound, but also have been intrigued by spruce tops since doing research for my first ukelele.

  96. Love the look and sound of the Islander. Havent had the pleasure of playing 1 myself but the neck looks wider than most…… which for me is a plus.

  97. I love how the Gretsch 9120 sounds. I love that rustic look even more. I’d love to win one because I learned how to play on my friend’s a couple of months ago and haven’t had the money to buy one for myself. I just overall love the instrument.

  98. To my ear the Kala STG has the best tone with a bell-like quality. The Luna TT and Gretsch are tied for second. However, I would not be disappointed in taking any of these ukuleles home with me or perhaps finding one under the Christmas tree with my name on the gift tag. ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. The Luna TT is my favorite looks wise, however sound wise I’m really digging the Gretsch 9120 ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Corey makes every ukulele sound beautiful. I loved the Gretch 9120, its rich resonance is striking.

  101. Man, these ukes compared to my Lanikai sound great. I still like my lanikai but i would love to get a little upgrade.

  102. How about kudos to Corey for his terrific playing and Hawaii Music Supply for the amazing setup of these ukes! I have to say that you guys have ensured that they all sound great! I think for me though, it would have to come down to either the Kala PWT, TEM, or TG. Great job guys!

  103. It would be difficult to pick one above the others. They all have great qualities. I did like the sound of the Gretsch and the Cordoba. I like the looks of the Kala PWT and the Islander. Any of them would be an upgrade for my Makala MK-T, but it has been a great starter ukulele.

  104. Well, I have been thinking about buying another ukulele ^_^ they all sound beautiful and I would be happy to own any of them, although, I really love the design on the Luna Tattoo Tenor. It may be a girl thing to go for something that looks pretty : D

  105. you can never really find any instruments better than these. I love the luna TT. give a nice warm feeling inside

  106. I may just be a beginner with the ukes but coming from an island which listens to a lot of hawaiin songs and island genres, i would say that the kala tg really gives that island sound. Out of the ukes i listened to, it’s gotta be the uke that can deliver the best island sound.

  107. the islander despite having an all laminate sounded best to me and the kala spruce top and gretsch coming in a close second… the kala pacific walnut sounded a little muddy to me and the fender sounded a little too “plain”

  108. Oh my god! i like Kala tenor ukuleles!! Especially the Kala ST. Hear the sound u play, i can feel how playbility it is! And sound best to me and i hope i can be one of the lucky guys!

  109. I have the Luna Tattoo Concert so I love the sound of the Luna TT. After listening to them all, I don’t think you can’t go wrong with any of them. But to my ear, I think it’s a toss-up between the Luna TT, the Kala PWT, the Kala TG, & the Gretsch 9120. Thanks for the post Hawaii Music Supply!

  110. Love the playing, love the ukes. The Gretsch 9120 has to be my favorite. I’d love the chance to try one out.

  111. After listening to them all several times. I really like the sound of the Islander. Although its not as flashy as some of the others.
    I was surprised by now nice the Fender sounded. I didn’t expect it.

  112. Whoa, these ukes are beaut, the kala line is very impressive for the price and the lunar TT is just beautiful, the kala STG sounds amazing though

  113. I love the original look and warm sound of the Luna the best. On the other end of the spectrum, the Gretsch has a wonderfully classic sound and look.

  114. Been playing a concert for a long time now, I’d love to try any of these. They all sound awesome. I like the way the Islander and the Fender looks.

  115. I really enjoyed seeing and hearing all the ukeleles, but to me, the Fender seemed to have a distinctive appearance which wowed me a lot and I was thoroughly impressed with it’s sound as well! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  116. This is a hard choice, thanks to Hawaii Music Supply’s great setup and Corey’s superior playing. I’ve always been a big Kala fan and would be tempted to have another, but that Luna TT really looks and sounds great to me. Gotta go with the Luna…

  117. Overall I like Kala TG. Actually I love the mahogany models. I hope to win one tenor uke. ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. these are great-sounding tenor ukes. my favorites are the kala stg for its clear & distinct sound and the cordoba 20TH for its big, warm bass. thanks for the nice video & the enticing giveaways.

  119. Wow, this is difficult. I was pleasantly surprised by the Gretsch; I’ve never heard one before. All are lovely; as to sound, I like the sound of the Islander and the Pacific Walnut best; I’d need to flip a coin! Between the two, I love the look of the Pacific Walnut; not as crazy about the look of the Islander.

  120. I’ve been looking at a Pono for the longest; but for its price I feel that purchasing one of these 9 would be the wisest idea as I am anxious to upgrade from my puke green Kala kiwi and am not sure how long I can wait (as a college student) in order to save for a Pono. I’m absolutely in love with the Cordoba. It sounds to me a bit more mellow than the others, and that’s perfectly my taste. I also really enjoy the Fender’s sound but strongly dislike the headstock…

  121. Hi HMS,

    I’ve recently begun investigation into ukuleles and really want to learn to play. Your site has been invaluable to me in learning about the different instruments available and their characteristics. Thank you so much!

    Of the instruments reviewed here — I love them all! I really like the Luna line with the engraved designs. But for sound quality, somehow both the Islander and the Cordoba made me want to sing!

  122. I thought the islander sounded best, but several of the others sounded almost as good and I liked the look of them better. The Kala TEM looks really nice and I love the Luna’s tattooing.

  123. Man that Fender Hau’oli the bass it gave off was beautiful and that fender head on a uke is lovely. Would really love to have it.

  124. I’m so mellowed out after that listening session. ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved it. The Kala PWTreally brought me back to vacation and can’t wait til next time!

  125. Thank you for making these videos available to us. They are a great resource when we search for the right ukulele to purchase. I really enjoyed the Islander, Kala TG, and Cordoba. When Corey plays, they all sound great!

  126. I have the concert version of the Luna TT and I love it. One of my buddies also has the Kala TG, and the PWT. They’re both great ukuleles, with great action and tone. I’m liking the Fender Hua’oli, though, because I have a Fender Tele and the classic Tele-style head looks sweet.

  127. I’m just saying I want a free ukulele. However, I really like the sound coming from the Kala TG in the 2nd song.

  128. I’ve tried the Cordoba 20TM, the Kala TEM, and๏ปฟ the Kala STG. The Cordoba has a nice ringing, balanced tone, while the TEM sounds really bright to me. But my favourite has got to be the Kala STG ๐Ÿ™‚ I think Kala is really stepping up their game at improving the design and quality of their ukes! Oh and as usual, awesome playing Corey!

  129. Do you happen to have any tabs for the 2 songs you’ve played? The cordoba is pretty good, I’ve tried it before! The Luna TT is pretty gorgeous too! xx Anna

  130. All these ukes are beautiful and their sound is impeccable but i think aesthetically the Luna TT is my favorite. ๐Ÿ™‚

  131. They all sound amazing! The sound from the Islander is probably my favourite. Such a warm sound.

  132. I was impressed by the Kala STG how it looks and sounds. It just took me away. Saved the best for last!

  133. Listening through my MacBook Pro speakers I felt that the Luna TT had the best projection of sound. All of them sounded great of course, but I think I liked the Luna the best. Great comparison video!

  134. Really love the sound of the Gretsch. The Kala PWT is very appealing visually.
    Thanks for the nice review! Watched it numerous times.

  135. I’ve been in love with Kala’s ukes since I started. I aim to add so many more to my arsenal! You guys helped me with my first one, I enjoyed doing business with you.

  136. A Kala KA-S was my first (and only so far) uke, and it was a great starter instrument after having it set up and replacing the stock strings with aquila. The sound for the price was excellent, and aesthetically simple yet pleasing. The Kala-STG seems to follow the same philosophy and sounds great to me!

  137. I love these comparison videos that HMS does, especially since I live in an area where it’s hard to find a shop that carries this broad of a selection. I came into this thinking that I’d prefer the Islander (since my main uke is an MST-4), but after several listens, my favorites are the Cordoba 20TM and Kala ST.

  138. Love that Luna TT, everything about it reminds me of the islands and I’d be proud to have it

  139. This was just as awesome as always, but I really like to see all of these instruments side by side so directly. Also didn’t know that Gretsch was building Uke. However, I’d rather go with one of the Kalas, most likely the TG. Keep up the great work.

  140. The player makes all of them sound so beautiful that it was simply too hard to choose just one. I had to close my eyes and listen to this vid several times. Now I can tell that the closest to my heart is the sound of Kala ST (my 1st choice) and Luna TT.

  141. i’m playing a kala acacia tenor right now, and absolutely love it. my favorite is the the kala pwt, beautiful wood and great even sound. also big fan of corey’s playing, keep putting out great videos!

  142. Mahalo for the generous giveaway!! Love the Gretsch 9120 tones (but the fat neck is a little difficult for me to hold/play as I have smaller hands). The Luna TT’s Polynesian design is pure eye candy and sounds bright. Love the Islander MT-4 (for it’s deeper tones), Cordoba 20-TM (for it’s solid mahogany), Fender Hau’oli (for it’s signature headstock), and Kala STG (for it’s warmer tones). All 9 ukes are awesome and each has something unique to offer. Great video comparison and mahalo again for the giveaway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. out of all of these wonderful uke’s .I think I like the KALA TG the most, i really like the warm sound of that one.Difficult to choose tho.

  144. I especially liked the clarity if the Kala STG. I still enjoyed the mellowness of the Gretsch and Luna TT.

  145. I love the sound and looks of the Kala TEM and Luna TT. Both look simply amazing, but any of these would be a fine choice to own!

  146. I like the Gretsch, Cordoba, big fan of Islander, and the Fender intrigues me. I love Kala’s in look and sound but I seriously hate the bridge they use, it is just not one I like at all. Honestly though I would not complain if I won any of them. A uke is fun to play no matter what!!!

  147. The Luna TT is absolutely beautiful sounds and looks with its tribal look and everything.

  148. As a guitar player for 40+ years I lately fell in love with these beautiful small instruments. Every ukulele shown in this comparison video has its own distinctive sound. Most probably I would enjoy playing each of them very much if taken one after the other for a couple of months, ie. getting accustomed to its specific sound.

    While listening to this comparison carfully, two ukes stand out to be my favorites, sound wise: The “Kala TEM” and the “Gretsch 9120”. I love the warmer mids sound as compared to some other models which have a more brilliant sound. This is also true for the “Islander MT-4”, though, but I don’t like the look of the latter as much as on the first mentioned ones.

    As far as the look is concerned, I would probably not buy the “Fender Hau’Oli” because I prefer the classical heads look.

    However, each of these instruments would have the potential to gain my love easily as they sound (and obviously play) so sweet and flawless.

  149. having had kalas in the past, I would love to try the Fendor or the Gretsch. But I’ve looked at the Luna in the past and I’d be really happy to try that one out for size.
    Thanks for the demo- great video showing the different ukes.

  150. I was thinking that with Corey playing they all sound great, then I heard the Cordoba…what a nice clear tone on that one. HMS, my Pono needs a pal!

  151. I like both the Islander and the Cordoba very much. Mahalo for demo-ing these in such a seamless way!

  152. I’m partial to the Islander MT-4, probably because I have a MSC and love its.tone and playability. Put some Living Water strings on the MT-4and I’m sure it would knock your rubbaslippas off !

  153. They all sound great but I like the thin neck of the KALA’s. I bought a KALA SMHT from HMS and it was set up great. My vote goes to the solid Spruce top KALA.
    Love the sound and look.

  154. I own a Kala-CE and it has been great. Would love to get my hands on one of these tenors. The Kala PWT looks gorgeous but the Cordoba 20TM really stands out as well.

  155. The Luna TT and the Cordoba 20 TM sound like the warmest. It is hard to judge action and intonation from the video.

  156. Fabulous instruments and beautifully played. Three stood out for me: the Cordoba, Gretsch 9120 and the Kala STG. I thought the Kala had the most distinctive sound. But if I won, I’d choose the Islander so that I could try out that slightly larger nut! Thanks for posting this great demo.

  157. For me the top two were the Gretsch 9120 and the Cordoba 20TM. They both had punchy bright sounds. They both stood out also in their ease to handle hammer ons and pull offs flawlessly. Out of the two, I would say the Gretsch 9120 had the best sound and sustain. It definitely had the beautiful melodious tone, but what stood out to me was its warmth. It had a smooth warm sound that really appealed to my ears.

  158. The Gretsch has a really nice resonant tone, and seems to cope really well higher up. I like the clarity of the Islander. The fender has an interesting roundness to the๏ปฟ sound, but i find it a bit dull, not much brightness. I think the Kala TG has the most classic ‘ukulele’ sound, which is really great, but maybe not so unusual. Great to be able to hear them all on a parallel like this! Thanks!

  159. All of these Ike’s sound wonderful! I would love to give them all a try! The Luna TT looks beautiful.

  160. Wow. Thanks for the great samples to compare. I’d be happy with any of them, but the one I like best is the Kala STG.

  161. This is such a great giveaway, thanks! I love the looks of the Luna, and Corey’s playing is great as always.

  162. I guess I am a sucker for a solid top ukulele. The Kala STG spruce top pops for me visually.
    I was not aware of the Gretsch 9120 wider neck until I read about it in the description. With my large hands I suspect that the wider neck would be ideal for me.
    I am lucky enough to win a ukulele, I won’t have to borrow my wife’s tenor ukulele all the time.

  163. I cannot believe that you can get a solid top tenor ukulele for under $200.
    The solid mahogany top of the Cordoba 20TM is incredible. You have got to be kidding, under $200?.
    The solid spruce top of the Kala STG may not draw the attention of other people but it sure got my attention.
    Why do I like ukuleles so much?

  164. Thank you for having this contest (: I always enjoy an opportunity to speak about the ukulele. As many do I find this instrument an absolute joy to play. There’s nothing like it. Each of the models that you are giving away have their own voice and look. Ukes are like artwork to me. We now have 25 ukes in our elementary school thanks to a grant that the music teacher applied for because he caught the uke fever from me. Love your site and hoping to get a nice second from you soon.

  165. I think that the Luna TT would be a great Ukulele to own. It looks great and sounds wonderful!

  166. This video is by far one of the most helpful things I have seen in purchasing a uke! I think the Islander MT-4 has the best sound – what a great tone and depth. I don’t like how it looks much more plain than some of the others though, so the Kala KA-TG and the Kala TEM really stand out to me when taking into account both looks and sound.

  167. The Cordoba 20TM reminds me of the ukulele that my sister broke over my head as a young girl.
    Wouldn’t it be something if I won this tenor ukulele? I could call my sister and tell her that I won a ukulele from Hawaii Music Supply.
    Then she will know that someone believes in me and wants me to always play and enjoy the ukulele.
    I am glad that Hawaii Music Supply is helping to support the world’s appreciation of the ukulele.
    It sure has been a comfort and blessing to me.
    I miss my first ukulele and the joy it brought me.

  168. The Luna, Gretch, and Cordoba were among my favorites, but they all sound fantastic! Hard to pick the best one!

  169. After carefully listening to a great group of tenors, the Kala STG was the sound I liked most. A nice bright lilt.

  170. The mt4 looks so cool in person, I bought one off the wall! For some reason I can’t make mine sound as nice, operator error is the problem.

  171. Tough choice, they all sound wonderful. The Cordoba and Kala STG seem to have a richer and fuller tone that I like. I also love the sound of the Islander.

  172. I listened to each uke many times over and I am loving the mellow, smooth sounds of the Luna TT and Cordoba 20TM. They would be great to play jazz/bluesy/swing type music on! Thank you for the review and chance to win a uke!

  173. Always like your site, all these ukes sounds great, and the Kala STG caught my eyes.
    And I like Coreyโ€™s play.

  174. The Luna TT has caught my ear and eye, but the Gretsch 9120 with its larger neck may better fit my big paws.

  175. The wood of the Kala PWT looks like a very nice finish. I sounds awesome and would be cool to have.

  176. For my money, and this particular demo, I’d choose the Islander MT4 for it’s overall balanced tones and projection. It sure shows it’s parentage.

  177. The Luna TT one is awesome. For me it’s just the purest sound I’ve heard from those 9 ukes. I would be so happy to win it !

  178. OK, let’s note my feelings one uke at a time!

    Luna TT:
    I like the tattoo pattern on the body, but the headstock logo design makes it look tacky or junky to me.
    Sounds good on its own, but when compared to some of the others it’s a little bit lacking and sounds slightly characterless, for some music this could be what you want though.

    Kala TEM:
    Like the Luna, I think the body’s pretty. I also find the headstock to look fine but I don’t think they match up well and it hurts the overall look.
    This has a bit of the character to it that I think of when I think of a more “traditional” Hawaiian sound, almost like the acoustic ukulele version of the “honk” you get with solid mahogany electric guitars.

    Gretsch 9120:
    Looks pleasing to me, every element works together – one of the better looking ukes in the lineup to my eyes. Not dazzling but nice to look at.
    My favourite sounding one out of the 9, the warmest to my ear and closest to a guitar in richness – maybe it’s all in my head because it’s made by Gretsch but to me this is the sound that best matches how I imagine the uke sounding when I’m imagining it in my mind.

    Islander MT-4:
    For the most part, I really dig the looks. The one thing that sticks out to me is the bridge shape – I don’t think it’s in harmony with the rest of the uke and looks tacked on.
    Similarly to the Luna, it sounds nice but slightly dull comparatively.

    Kala TG:
    I really don’t like the look. The headstock needs some sort of decorative binding to visually balance with the body or something. It looks like someone smashed the designs for four different ukes together.
    Another one that doesn’t quite match up to some of the others, maybe a bit above the Luna but without the real character of the Gretsch or TEM.

    Cordoba 20TM:
    Probably my favourite looking one. It has some decoration but it compliments the wood rather than looking like a glued on art project and doesn’t make the headstock look out of place. The headstock logo isn’t cheesy looking either.
    Alongside the Gretsch, this is my favourite sounding model – I think I’d choose this as my No.1 choice out of the 9 based on the video. This is funny because I’ve never heard of Cordoba ukes before!

    Fender Hau’oli:
    A cool idea! Like a shrunken ukified strat – a novelty for sure but it certainly works overall. Not a look I’d choose for myself though.
    The sound is quite nice, above the Luna but below the Gretsch or Cordoba in my opinion.

    Kala PWT:
    This comes close to the cordoba, everything works and the headstock looks close enough to the body – alongside the logo being unobtrusive.
    This one sounds really nice, somewhere between the more guitar-ish sound and the traditional.

    Kala ST:
    The coolest of the Kalas by far. It looks like a baby classical guitar!
    It even has that guitar-like tone I love.

    Top 3:
    1: Cordoba 20TM
    2: Gretsch 9120
    3: Kala ST

    Excellent video. Thanks guys!

    Best Regards,

  179. Oh man, all those Kalas sounded so great, and the body of the TEM looked beautiful. The fender was also one of my favorites.

  180. I was very impressed with these ukes, and so happy that it’s possible to find nice sounding tenors with out breaking the bank. I like them all, and it was hard to pick a favorite, but I did now it down to my top three picks. I liked the Gretsch, Cordoba and Islander the best, but was impressed by all for the price!

  181. The Gretsch tenor really impressed me. It had great projection, tone, and it has a really wonderful voice.

  182. Great ukes from Kala!! love the new walnut and gloss looks and the sound is always up to standard! ๐Ÿ™‚ would love to own one to replace my uke I ran over…..:( dont ask how..

  183. The Gretsch and the Kala STG really stood out to me. The others sound good too–are they all strung with Aquilas? Not a fan of the Fender though ๐Ÿ™

  184. Seeing and hearing these ukes reminds me how far entry level instruments have come. They all are a great improvement on what was available five years ago. That said, I kept coming back to the Gretsch, the Islander and the Kala ST. All sounded sweet with good intonation. One would have to play them in person to get “the one’, but I think I leaned towards the Gretsch for it’s warmth and over-all balance.

  185. Incredible value for the dollar for any one of these, but I love the rope binding on the Cordoba, and you can’t beat the value of buying here for any uke!

  186. My friend own’s a Cordoba 20TM, I must say it sounds so good for the price she paid for.

    Have yet to play the Fender’s but I’ve heard that they’re either hit or misses. Some love it, some absolutely abhor them.

    I think they Gretsch will be a great uke, mainly because Gretsch has had a history of manufacturing ukes. Although this Gretsch being a new company, I’m convinced they will do well!

  187. They all sound great with Corey playing them, but the Gretsch and the Islander sounded the best to me.

  188. This was much harder than I thought! Frankly you’d be happy with any of these fine instruments. My personal fave would have to be the Kala PWT, for richness and overall ‘width’ of sound. The Cordoba 20M has a pleasing mellowness while the Kala STG spruce top also has a nice roundness of tone. Brilliant value all round.

  189. With Cory’s amazingly consistent playing it would be a hard choice among these nine. The Gretch has a lovely sound. Not sure about a thicker neck as I seem to be among those who prefer more slender. I tend toward at least solid top these days and the Cordoba sounds pretty good in that price range. With the solid top I’d always suggest upgrading the humidifier. Well worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  190. They all sound lovely, but I love the KALA TEM the most! It’s warm loving sound just made my day ๐Ÿ™‚

  191. I like the mellow Gretsch tone. The Luna is shockingly bright, but the Kala TEM and PWT are the prettiest.

  192. Great review! I’ve personally owned the Islander MT-4 and the Cordoba 20TM-CE (the acoustic electric version of the 20TM).I can say that the Islander trumps in projection and just richness of sound as compared to my Cordoba. Unfortunately, I had to sell it away. So looking forward to see if my lonely Cordoba could get a friend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  193. Some of the instruments were weak or thin in the sound. Others were plain looking or otherwise non-impressive. I am impressed that the Gretsch 9120 seems to combine good looks with good sound.

  194. I was blown away by how great these sounded for the price. I have played a few models from those brands in that price range and was impressed by the feel as well. I would love to win any, but I particularly like the Kala instruments.

  195. I love my Islander Tenor. The sound is amazing and the wider nut makes it easier to play for someone like me with big hands. Also the pegged bridge makes it easy to change out the strings. =)

  196. Beautiful Ukes!

    I own the Kala PWT. It sounds as beautiful as it looks. Would love to add another beauty to my wall!

  197. These tutorials are just one of the reasons I buy from theukulelesite.com. You guys care, and it shows! I puchased the Gretch 9120 about 9 months ago, and love it! Thank you for everything you guys and girls do!

  198. The Islander is awsome. I love the fact that it has the exact same fretboard and dimensions as the Kanile’a.

  199. The Gretsch and Islander are my favorites overall but would love to have them all in my collection!!!

  200. I love the sounds of all of them! But if I had to choose, the Islander MT-4 and Kala ST really caught my attention. The unique colors of the mahogany sort of reminds me of a Macadamia nut. They sound pretty sweet and for $200, that’s a great choice. I never owned a tenor(looking to upgrade soon), but any of these would make my day.

  201. It is wonderful that there are so many great-sounding affordable ukuleles. I would appreciate owning any one of them, but think I liked the sound of the Islander the best.

  202. I love the sound of a tenor ukulele! My first ukulele was a Kala, so I always favor them. The Kala STG is gorgeous inside and out.

  203. I really liked he sound and look of the Gretsch. After that I would go with the Kala TEM and rounding out the top three i would go with the Islander. Wonderful way to do a review.

  204. If I was blind I’d pick the Luna. If I was deaf I’d pick the Gretsch. Since I’m not stupid I’d love to have any of these!

  205. Not a fair comparison when they all have a flawless setup from Hawaii music supply! Think the cordoba sounded the best as was least expecting the amazing sounds that came from it, but to each their own…

  206. There is something about the solid wood top not he cordoba that really rings out for me. That is the pick of the litter for me.

  207. There are so many really good ukuleles in this price range! The Kala STG and the Fender both stood out to me when I listened with my eyes closed. I’ve been really wanting a uke with a solid spruce top, so the Kala STG would be my choice.

  208. I’m finding it hard to tell the difference between the sounds of each of these models from the video. (But it’s always a pleasure to hear that man play!)

    I’ve played the Luna, Kala, Fender and Cordoba brands before and I’d have to say that Kala has to be my favorite. (And my my most frequently used uke is a Kala Golden Acacia/Cedar Topped Tenor) You don’t have to pay a lot to get good quality, intonation and sound unlike a lot of other models. I’m partial to the solid tops because it has a louder sound.

    My least favorite has to be the Luna. Yes they look pretty, but they have a hard time staying in tune and you are mostly paying for the fancy designs. The sound quality really suffers from the cheap, thin woods. More of a display piece than an instrument, if you ask me!

  209. I love the tone of the Kala TEM! I had a chance to play one the last time I visited Hawaii. Very nice ukes!

  210. I really like the finish of the Grestch. I have a cordoba with a honey finish but that dark finish is really nice. Of course that walnut finish on the Kala is tight too.

  211. Of them all, I think I’d take the Islander for the wider nut (I have big hands) but I love the Kala Pacific Walnut Tenor too. I think it’s lovely and has a great sound. Same for the Luna…but honestly, it’s amazing how you can’t really go wrong with any of these at the price point!

  212. Lovely playing as always from this master artist. He can make any uke sound like a $1000 uke. My preference is the Islander as they have really good history. Although it’s a “new” brand it’s sanctioned by the Kanilea group and that pin bridge just makes the strings sing better off the sound board. Yet the newer Kalas are sounding sweet nowadays.

  213. In my case, sounds of all ukes are similar. I think it’s from wonderful play by him.
    Anyway, all ukes have unbelievable sounds even though they are under $200.
    If I have to choose one of them, I want to get KALA TEM. Because I like such pattens of wood.

  214. After looking at and listening to all 9 Ukes, the Kala TG won me over. If I had go do it over I would buy this one

  215. Love the sound of the Kala STG! The Gretsch is such a beautiful color. You have so many lovely instruments it’s hard to pick a favorite!

  216. Having played a guitar most of my 61 years on the face of this earth I was blown away by the quality and clarity of the sound coming from all of the examples. I was also really surprised that makers like Gretsch, Cordoba, and Fender have instruments that seem to hold their own with the traditional hawaiian made examples. I have wanted to learn to play a Uke simply because of the size and the fact that the principals are fundamentally the same as a guitar. Wow was I impressed with them all ! ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved the music in the demonstration…..Perfect…..Great Job!

  217. The Gretsch and the Islander sound best to me, with the Kala STG third. The Islander has a beautiful clean sound while the Gretsch is fuller.

  218. These all sound great! Since I need to pick just one, I think the spruce top Kala is the one I’d choose. Aloha!

  219. Had a good listen to these great value Tenors and came up with two which stood out for me. First is the Gretsch 9120, It’s got a real nice tone to it which really stands out with the strum and has the looks to match. Second was the Kala STG another great sound that would not disappoint and a nice shape. If I had to pick I would go for the Gretsch just as it has the look I desire more and my large hands would love the neck size. All these Uke’s look great value for money and with the once over from the shop will sing like an angel.

    Would be more then happy with any of these babes.

  220. I’m always pleasantly surprised at how much punch and tone the Gretsch has. Easily one of my favorite sounding ukes.

  221. The Kala spruce top has a great sound. The Cordoba is beautiful but the tone is a little muddy.

  222. Very interesting comparison. I liked the Kala TEM best with the Gretsch mahog a very close second. Overall, it’s amazing what $200 will buy these day, especially after Hawaii Music Supply does their magic with them! Hmmm, that Kala STM sure has nice clarity and separation….

  223. Aloha:
    You guys have made my 6-string tenor the backbone of our kanikapila with your recommends of Worth strings. Mahalo nui loa!
    For my ear, I would choose the Islander for the tone- at least as it comes through the computer– and the longer nut that gives a little more finger space. 4-string would be a good addition to our group so hoping, hoping!!!
    Aloha no kakou

  224. Amazing what $200 will buy you today. I’d be happy playing any of them, but found myself drawn to the Gretsch.

  225. The sound of the Cordoba 20TM is so full and balance. It just sound Amazing!! Solid mahogany top!! Oh man, I’m in love (^o^)

  226. Well… Great comparisons! They’re all wonderful!
    Visually, it’s hard to beat the Luna TT, and it has a very competitive sound. Very pleasant and clear.
    But, strictly sound-wise? I love the sound of the Kala TEM or Kala STG. They just ring out with an accurate tone above and beyond the others. I would love to play either model. I am a proud owner of a Kala, but really tried to put that aside and listen to each uke blindly – very impressed!


  227. All of these Ukuleles sound beautiful and I would be proud to own any of them. I particularly like the Pala PWT and the Gretsch 9120.

  228. What a beautiful assortment. how to choose? The Cordoba20TM had a mellow tone that I enjoyed but they all sound seriously good.

  229. I have the Luna TT and I love it…and I love these side by side comparisons! I would gladly take home more than one of the others!

  230. All 9 had sounds that were very similar, but I liked the look and sound of the KALA STG best.

  231. All of these ukuleles have a surprisingly similar quality of sound at least with the piece played and with the manner in which they were recorded. For under $200, any of these are a great value with really nice tonal quality. To comment on some individually:
    1. The Luna TT – I absolutely love the polynesian tatoo designs, but the sound of this one may have been slightly flatter or weaker in volume than the other models.
    2. The Kala TEM – Very nice sound with an appealing design.
    3. The Gretsch 9120 – I think this one has a bit more volume from its sound box, both picks and strums were a bit richer than most of the others models. The appearance of this uke in the still image is more attractive than the one used in the video. The one I have seen that a friend owns is more like the still image with a nicer finish than the one in the video. I don’t think I would like the fatter neck either.
    4. Islander MT-4 – Very nice sound, but possibly a bit too much on the soft side with tone.
    5. Kala TG – Very attractive in design, finish and overall appeal and has a very pleasant and rich sound.
    6. Cordoba 20TM – attractive, nice color and design. Its sound seemed well balanced from lows to highs.
    7. Fender Hau’oli – I am not a fan of the electric guitar/fender style headstock on ukuleles, but it certainly has good sound with quality appearance.
    8. Kala PWT – Striking with its different wood grain pattern, a very nice sound with a slightly different quality that I cannot find a word to describe it. I’m sure its tonal difference is a result of the wood being Pacific walnut. I imagine this would have to be heard live to fully appreciate and evaluate any tonal qualities unique to the wood.
    9. Kala STG – This is the only other uke besides the Gretsch that I thought had noticebly more volume or “punch” coming from the sound box. It has a very attractive design combination with the spruce top and dark sides and complimentary headstock and fret board.

    I would be happy to own or play any of these ukes. They all have very nice sound, but it should be noted that the piece that was played was a very pleasant and gentile tune. It would be interesting to hear all these ukes with some hard and heavy strumming and it would also be informative to hear what each one sounded like with a pic up in addition to the open mic recording. The video comparison is about as good as can be done within the limitations of web recordings and presentations, but I am sure that some of the tonal differneces between these 9 models would be more obvious if I were hearing them in mine or your hands within your store. – I really need to try to get to HI sometime! ๐Ÿ™‚

  232. My ear says the Gretch is the one. The Luna also sounds good, but the artwork is too busy for me. Can’t do the Fender headstock. The two lighter color Kala’s look/sound good to me. Don’t care for the Cordoba at all.
    Just one guys opinion

  233. I already have a Cordoba so I am partial to its sound, but that Islander sounds great too! I want one. Thanks.

  234. I am a proud owner of a Luna TT from the Ukulele Store and I have had it about ten months now. Not only did they do the prep beautifully, I do love the sound. Easy to play, low action, nice feel on the strings (Aquila – high G tuning). I am a beginning player and the Luna is very forgiving and rewarding – sounding like many of “play along” recordings that use much more expensive ukes. The “tattoo” laser styling is very attractive and holds up well. While this is a composite (plywood) body ukulele, it is strong and rings well (when it doesn’t, it tends to be my fault, not the Luna’s). For the price of a moderate evening out for two you can have a ukulele that will bring you a smile each time you pick it up for years. You won’t be disappointed with the Luna!

    Mahalo (now watch, I will finally win one, and it will be the Luna!),

  235. These are all great tenors for the price. But, I love the bright, clear, full sound of the solid-top ukuleles. Both the Cordoba Solid Mahogany top and the Kala Spruce top stand out from the rest!

  236. What a bunch of nice looking & great sounding ukes serviced by clear & clean playing!
    They all play quite well but the haunting sustain of the Luna TT and the classy look of the last two (Kala PWT & ST) stood out in my humble opinion.

  237. I was struck by how warm the Fender sounded, maybe not as warm as the Luna TT, but definitely not as harsh (in comparison) as I thought it was going to be.

  238. My favorite ukulele out of this selection is the Kala TEM. The mahogany wood used in its construction gives it a beautiful, mellow aftertone.

  239. After viewing all 9 models my conclusions are but not limited to the following : there are only four that made it to my best of the best list they are as follow : ( 1 ) The Gretsch do to the best and clearest sound quality. Gretsch has made this ukulele with perfection due to its superior design and heart felt sound. This is an uke I would be proud to play anywhere at any time. ( 2 ) The Kala Tem . has the best looks of the 9 that were reviewed however the sound quality was basic. The Kala Tem if sound would become more rich in tones would make a good uke better. ( 3 ) The Islander mt-4 – a very nice uke. with great sound and design however to me it looked like just another uke. maybe with some Mother of Pearl design around the sound hole this good looking uke would out shine the rest. and Finally number ( 4 ) the Luna TT great artwork on the fret board and head stock but the tattoo print was rather boring. maybe if the tattoo had some more pazazz to it this uke maybe would of rated higher. As far as the lower 5 ukes keep working on it one day you may become in the top picks.

  240. I am partial to the Kala brand, so the STG seems to be a favorite out of the none selected. I own a Kala Lacewood tenor and love the sound and build quality for the price and HMS does a wonderful job setting these up. A close second choice of mine would be the gretsch for the traditional look and sound and the islander for the wider nut for easier fretting.

  241. Having played a guitar for the majority of my 61 years I was pleasantly surprised at the clarity and voice of each of the demonstrated instruments. I have wanted to learn to play a Ukulele for sometime now as a challenge. Figuring it to be a somewhat smooth transition I was really surprised at the music coming from the demonstration. Wow! I was really impressed. I was also surprised that manufacturers like Gretsch, Cordoba, and Fender actually make instruments that could compete with the Hawaiian made Instruments. The demonstration music was so soothing I taped it and listen to it while I drive. I would be hard pressed to pick a winner they all sound so good. For under $200 it won’t be long before I pick one and begin to make that transition from 6 strings to 4 ! Good job…..Awesome….I’m hooked ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  242. The Kala is the prettiest. But I’d like to test the playability of the Gretsch because I’ve always liked their guitars.

  243. I love the Cordoba especially, but it’s tough to watch the video — every time I think I’ve made up my mind, the next one is my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚

    Beautiful playing, also — a pleasure to watch/listen!

  244. I have bought the Kala TEM and a luna for my wife and both are sounding great. Out of the 9 Instruments here I’ll have to say my pick is the Cordoba, for sure. I love the sound of my Kala and think it’s probably a close second to the Cordoba.

    Crossing my fingers to win a Cordoba!

    By the way… Great contest/give-a-way!!!

  245. I like the Luna TT over all look and has a great tone. All 9 have good to great tone and are demonstrated very well.

  246. I love the tatoos on the Luna. The brilhant sound of the Islander and the name Gretsch always make me stop and the 9120 has a mellow sound. Kala show his power with a lot number of ukes. And the Cordoba represent the iberian style with feeling in his sound. I really like it. Itยดs my choice.

  247. Doing it blind, I don’t think I could pick the same on twice. They all sounded lovely, shows you can’t make a bad choice.

  248. No doubt the Luna TT physically looks pleasing to the eye, especially with the striking tattoo pattern and the unusual triangular fret markers! Nice!!!

    When it comes to sound quality, Gretsch 9120 had an illustrious full, compact-like sound to it which is very pleasing to my ears. The Kala STG was powerful too, it’s a close secondโ€ฆ!


  249. Nice line up of Tenor Ukes! We own the Gretsch, as well as the Islander MT 4 at our house. Both play really nicely. The Gretsch has a little brighter sound, I think. I also like the sound and look of the Kala Tem in this video. Would love to win one. My husband and son have the 2 mentioned above.

  250. Wow, what a great line up of beautiful looking and sounding ukes! There were a bunch of ukes here that I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection, but I have to say I am really impressed with the Kala line up presented here. I especially loved that Kala STG, the spruce top gives a really bright but complex punch! At once commanding yet subtle. A screamer that delivers a warm and distinctive sound. Again, great choices.

  251. What a great sub-200 lineup! I’ve been really happy with my Kala soprano spruce top, and I like the tone of the one you played in the video. I always gravitated toward Cordoba until I played my Kala (which I got from The Ukulele Site, by the way), but now my Cordoba solid Koa sits in its case while I play my beautiful little spruce soprano.

  252. i really like the sound on the Luna Tattoo uke. the sound coming from it is nice and smooth, with the right choice in strings (D’addrio or Aquila) and it sounded really amazing, the artwork is flat carved and super solid and creative,

    arigatou ^_^

  253. wow!!! love all of them. the best were the kala and the gretsch.my daughter and i play the uke and many other stringed instruments.ukulele’s are a great instrument to add to a music repertoire.they add a color and definition to any style of music.

  254. I Like the Luna the best, but when I hear a uke playing get homesick, I am going to teach my Granddaughter how to play. I live in Washington state now hope to come home soon.

  255. I really liked the sound of my spruce Kala concert (KA-SC) but found the neck to be a bit too slim for my moderately large hands. Great bright sound for a concert with very solid volume though.

  256. Obviously all sound great because your store carries them and sets them up. Something about that Islander sound that was just a touch richer but my choice would be the TEM for the fantastic look it has for the times I can’t be playing it. Art. You guys are the best on the internet by the way.

  257. I had to listen several time as they all sounded beautiful! I can’t believe they’re under $200! I have a tenor Kala, but I can’t remember which model, which I purchased about 3 years ago for $300+/-. At first listen, I was reeeally drawn to the Gretsch and it’s full mellow sound. On the other hand, I was also attracted to the Luna–that laser cut design and the sound are so beautiful!! All in all though, they all sound great and are at an awesome steal for top quality instruments.

  258. I have the soprano Gretsch, and it’s actually a phenomenal little player. For my second uke I definitely want a tenor, and I’ve wanted a Kala (pluse I’m a sucker for figure) so I’m eying that beautiful Kala TEM!

  259. I have a Cordoba 20TM-CE and was glad to see the Cordoba stacked up nicely against the rest. The one that really surprised me was the Gretsch. If I had to choose one though, I would probably get the Kala ST. That said, I know that it would be safe to get any of these as long as it gets the legendary HMS setup. You guys did a fantastic job on my Cordoba!

  260. Wow, I’ve never heard a comparison test before. It was so interesting to here the differences between them all. But, I have to say, the Luna TT was my favourite because it is so pretty – to look at and to listen too ๐Ÿ™‚ I look forward to adding it to my collection LOL

  261. Wow, I really liked the sound of all of them, so nahenahe. They all look good AND sound great! I especially liked the Luna TT and the Kala TEM because they look so different from the ‘ukulele I usually see.

  262. The Kalas are an amazing brand of ukulele. They’re very sturdy and convey different kinds of sounds based on the kind of wood and finish they have. Mahogany presents and accentuates the sound when strummed compared to an ukulele made of koa. But that’s open to interpretation as everyone hears something different.

  263. I loved this demo! great selection of Ukes.. I must say I liked the 1st four instruments the best, they had the warmest sound. HOwever the resonance on the Islander is really what convinced me on that one. Islander for me!!

  264. Wow! That really is a tough choice. I’m leaning toward the Cordoba or maybe the Gretsch. All of them sound fantastic and can’t be beat for $200.

  265. My first choice would be the Luna TT, the rich mellow tones won me over. Second choice is really a tie between Kala PWT and the Islander MST4. The Kala PWT sounds fuller, very consistent up and down the fretboard with more depth than any of the other tenor Kalas. I have personally played the Islander before, it has a full, bright and harp like sound, good resonance.

  266. I would be hard pressed to pick from these nice ukes. I have two Kalas and a Gretsch (and a couple of Ponos) and I like them all. I think if I could only pick one, I’d have to go with a Kala from past experience – plus the Gretsch I have is the tenor. They all sound really nice.

  267. Each of these ukes is nice in its way, but to my ear the Luna TT is the best of the bunch, with a rich tone that is nicely balanced from low to high. If I didn’t know better, I’d guess it has a solid top. The Gretsch and Fender are neck-and-neck for a close second place.

  268. I have both a Luna soprano and concert. These ukes sound unbelievable superb. This Luna tenor sounds true to form. The Kala tenor is what my husband plays. Can’t go wrong here either.

  269. I love my Islander MT-4, but, I’d be happy with any of these great instruments. The Kala PWT would be my choice just due to the unique look.

  270. I really like the Kala line of Ukuleles, and have bought my second Kala (a solid Okoume tenor) last year from Hawaii Music Supply, and couldn’t be happier. I’m very impressed with the current line of Kala ukes, and any Uke from Hawaii Music Supply will be the best it possibly can be.

  271. Hard to tell them apart as far as their timbre goes. I was actually surprised when I closed my eyes, that it was the Fender that seemed to have the riches tonesoverall.

  272. First of all, thanks for a very nice recording . And also, thanks to Corey for playing all these ukes. They all sound great! I like the Cordoba and the Gretch, but again, they all sound great to me. For the price of less than $200, you will never go wrong buying any one of these very nice ukuleles. I recommend buying them from the Hawaii Music Supply.

  273. The musician made all of these ukes sound beautiful.
    I thought the Cordoba sounded the best.
    The thicker neck of the Gretsch is intriguing.

  274. I love the look and sound of the Kala TEM. I plan on getting that when I learn to play better and need those extra frets. ๐Ÿ™‚

  275. They all sound pretty good. Hopefully I can get one for my brother in law who just started playing. I’m kinda teaching him.

  276. It’s amazing how a very accomplished uke player can make all those instruments sound really nice. I’d be happy with any of them even though my fave is the Kala TG by the way it looks!

  277. Hmm….they all sound really amazing, but I would say it’s a tie between Kala TEM and the Islander. I would say the Kala TEM because it has a more “peaceful” and light vibe, I guess haha if that makes sense.

  278. Great comparison! So many choices. Always been partial to Luna (own one) but like the look and sound of the Gretsch. Also the Fender gets extra points just for the cool headstock.

  279. I believe that every ukulele has its particular sound. There is no better but a personal taste for each type of sound. I’ m in love for this instrument. All models pleased me very much.

  280. Even with my hearing aid in and on, my untrained ears were unable to detect a difference between these tenors. The all sounded very good, but I suspect that the talented player could make any uke sound good. If my name is drawn, I’ll try very hard to distinguish between them in making a choice. I’m probably biased toward one of the Kala ukes, since I am so pleased with my Kala concert thinbody traveling uke.

  281. These look like some great ukes! I’ve played the fender Hau’oli before and found it really hard to put down. Such a wonderful instrument with clean sound and smooth action. I currently play a six string kala tenor, and I’ve been looking for the right four string tenor to own; the Hau’oli is under definite consideration ๐Ÿ™‚

  282. While they all sound nice and at first difficult to differentiate, the Islander and the Kala Spruce top had a special sparkle to them.

  283. All of these ukes sound and look so pretty. Tenors are epic, especially kalas. My sister has one ^_^ If you don’t think so uke crazy and i’ll launch an all out uke-clear explosion. The Kala GT is so nice…

  284. As much as I love my Kala Spruce Concert, and was not surprised that I also liked the Kala spruce tenor with its similar “crispness” to the concert version, I was surprised that that the Kala TG, Islander MT-4, and Gretsch 9120 were all equally full sounding yet sharp. A few of the others seemed “muddy”. If I had to pick just one I would probably (if I did not already have the one spruce – otherwise that would be my pick) go for the Gretsch (based on the sound) or the Islander (same reason) but with a slight preference for the Islander (because of the parent company) if I had the extra cash. If strapped I would still be thrilled with the Gretsch, though. I do have a bit of a concern about the necks, without feeling them, since I have lots of experience with several Kalas and always found them to be a good fit for my average-sized hands. With small hands and a small budget I would find the Kala TG a happy choice. P.S., I have bought an “under $200” (it was $199 on sale) ukulele from HMS and have got to say I felt like I was treated with as much personal attention and care as if I had bought a $1,500+- Uke. I’m not surprised that they care enough to promote a price range which is feasible for people wanting to get a great product for a reasonable cost. They are that kind of company.

  285. These all sound so good! I’ve been loving my Kala, but it will be hard to choose when I’m selected! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  286. Love the sound of all of them! The Fender seems to have the sweetest, joyous sound of all of them. I also really enjoy sound and look of the the Kala PWT. The Islander also sounds good as well, I currently play a Kanile’a tenor and it reminded me of the sweet sound it gives.

  287. I’m rather surprised at the good sound quality of all these instruments, especially considering the reasonable price tags.

    1. I fully agree with you. The sound and quality taking into consideration the prices is amazing.

  288. All sounded really good. Favourites were Luna TT, Gretsch 9120, Cordoba20Tm and for the looks Kala PWT. If I had to pick only one it would be hard.

  289. The Cordoba 20TM was my first ukulele, and is still fantastic. Warm and mellow tone from the mahogony top and with HMS’s setup work the intonation is fairly good. The neck is slightly on the slim side for me but that suits some. A great value ukulele.

  290. I really enjoy playing my Gretsch 9120.
    The intonation on the Gretsch is excellent. On mine, I have a ding in on the 10th fret of the G string. So, that D is a little hard to play. However, I regularly play all way to the 12th fret and it sounds clear and clean all the way there.
    In comparison to more expensive ukuleles it is not loud. However, that was a plus for me. In the time that I have owned my Gretsch it has opened up to be a fuller brighter sound. This happened when I started tuning with tuning folks instead of electric tuners. So, I do not know if it is a results of me learning to tune my instrument better of whether is has to do with the wood opening up by using a tuning folk. In either case that instrument has the potential to have these full beautiful bell like tones.
    I live in the Philippines, where we have 6% humidity in the dry season followed immediately with 94% humidity. The change wreaks havoc on all instruments here. So, even though the Gretsch 9120 has a plywood body, I would still recommend using a humidity control system in your case. You are going to love this instrument and of course you are going to want to protect it.
    One of the best experiences about buying this ukulele from Hawaiian Ukulele Supply is that they had a beginnerโ€™s package that they offered me. It had a Uke Crazy Case and a book called Play Ukulele Today. I am really thankful to the sales person for directing me to it, because I really enjoyed learning from this book. I had learned a lot from the Internet, but the book filled in a lot of the information that I was missing.
    I tried a low G on the Gretsch and went back to the high G. It sound much better with the high G. This instrument is not meant to play with a low G. If you want a low G tuning buy a more robust instrument. The tuners are not strong enough and the body is not strong enough for the low G string even if you are using Aquila Red strings. The Gretsch really sings with the high G tuning. It is designed for it. With the high G tuning it produces an angelic sound.
    The Gretsch 9120 has a plywood body. The fret makers are painted on. On my Gretsch there are rough spots on the neck where it was not buffed out properly. None of this affects the playability of the instrument. If you want a solid body you are looking for the Gretsch 9120 SM. The SM also has the beautiful inlayed fret markers.

  291. Alright, if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Kala STG. I just love the contrast of the light spruce on top and the dark mahogany sides and back, not to mention the amazing sound that comes with it.
    The Luna TT comes in second place with the awesome island tattoo design, and mellow sound. The fender would probably be third for me with that classic Telecaster head, it seems like it would be fun to just rock out on.

  292. Corey makes them all sound great! One thing to note about the Islander is that it has a pin style bridge, rather than the tie bridge. Underneath the pin the string has a few knots and a small metal ring that helps to secure the string under the pin (don’t lose the ring when changing strings).

  293. I am a big fan of Kala, both for their playability and their price range. I have tried the Kala TEM and the STG and both are great values. I also love this site!!

  294. The Islander with the wider neck I think will work for me…and it will look nice next to my Pono!

  295. With the current explosion in Ukulele popularity, I would think any beginner would be happy to have any one of these ukes. The clarity of the tone is excellent in all nine. I would have liked to see a picture of the Islander.

  296. What a choice to make! Took me 3X watching the vids to really zero in on specifics. I think the Gretsch and the spruce Kala have my vote.
    I have the Gretsch G9110 and it sounds great. I won’t mind having his bigger brother join in :-).

  297. I enjoyed the video very much and liked all of the ukuleles. You guys do a great job on set up and selection so they sounded phenomenal!

    I benefitted a lot from reading the previous comments. My ear is less discerning (a blessing bc I teach kids and seniors).

    I would be delighted by any of these and particularly liked the look of the Luna and the Kala PWT.

    All but one of my current ukes are Makalas dolphins which I for teaching. I have a single Makalas tenor in blue burst which sounds phenomenal. I got most of them from Mike.

  298. I love the Kala Ukuleles and I think they do a great job of making a quality instrument for an affordable price. I think I’d like to try the Gretsch too! It looks and sounds good.

  299. The beautiful Kala STG is a real joy to behold! She sings effortlessly and showcases her awesome tonal range and high quality solid body. This model is another high pedigree instrument from the good folk at Kala and amazing value. Who could resist?

  300. All 9 models sound great, but if I had to look at one for hours it would be between the Kala models, TEM, PWT & STG.

  301. Wow, I loved them all but specially the Islander has such a sweet tone, overrall I’m blown away how uke’s under 200 sound so good….

  302. Very nice in deed, loved the Islander and the Kalas specially the TEM and PWT. Very nice uke’s for great price.

  303. Sight unseen, I had pegged the Cordoba … as a solid top ranks fairly high in my selection book, and I normally find Spruce a bit too bright for my musical taste when it comes to ukes, preferring the mellower warmth of mahogany which will only improve with age. Cordoba has been doing a nice job with their acoustic instruments for the past ~decade & a half at their particular price point as well, hence my double checked favoritism prior to watching (well, listening more than viewing..) the video.

    The video definitely pulled me toward the other solid topped (spruce..) Kala STG. In addition to my preference in it’s sound, I am a GIANT fan of Mike Upton and what he’s accomplished for the Ukulele at the lower mid-range price-point. I think Mike provides one of the best dealer/customer support programs of all the manufacturers, particularly in Kala’s price range, which simply seals the deal for moi!

    I, quite uncharacteristically I might add, pick the Kala STG as my #1 choice for favorite uke in the sub-$200 range. ๐Ÿ™‚

  304. For the price range, most of them sound pretty good. I think I’m leaning towards one of the Kala – I like the sound of the PWT, TEM and STG. I also prefer thinner narrower necks over fat necks. As for looks – the Luna is nice, but I like the wood grain of some of the Kala better – especially the PWT & TEM.

  305. Looks: Luna TT, Kala TEM, Kala TG, Fender and Kala STG.
    Sound: Kala TEM, Kala TG, Fender, Kala STG, Cordoba OK.
    Articulation: Gretsch, Kala TG, Fender, Kala PWT, Kala STG.
    Value for money: Cordoba, Kala STG.
    Overall: Kala STG.

  306. I own a Kala ST. The solid top provides a bright tone and loads of volume without being too boomy or overpowering. The quality of the wood, the construction and hardware are all top shelf. This model sounds great in low G for jazz and even classical arrangements.

  307. These ukuleles all sounded great to me, but when I closed my eyes and really listened, three stood out from the crowd: the Luna TT, the Cordoba 20TM and the Gretsch 9120. The tone was singing out soft and clear (well done to the musician!) like a waterfall. If I had to go for only one, it would be the Gretsch 9120, because it looks so beautiful as well, like it came from the same forest as the waterfall.

  308. All lovely ukes, the gretsch looks especoially classy to me but I’m a fan of kala in these price ranges. The PWT looks gorgeous, as does the TEM. I prefer the bright sound of spruce though so the STG would probably be my preference. In any event, whichever uke I were to buy, I’d buy it at HMS, when I bought my Pono RTSH5 from them, the service was second to none and woth their set-up, it not only sounded great, but played like butter right out of its HSC!!! Thanks guys

    1. Post
  309. I liked the Gretsch and Kala STG the best for both tone and appearance. Both seemed to have a much warmer tone than the rest. I’d have to give the edge to the Gretsch.

  310. Nice to know that there are great sounding ukuleles at that price point. Nice playing by braddah Corey as always! Aloha

  311. Chapeau, that is surprisingly high value for <200 bucks. As Kanilea fan I would go for the islander ๐Ÿ˜‰

  312. So many choices, so little time (and money). My top three for looks are the Luna, Kala TEM and the Kala STG. For sound the Luna, Gretch, Cordoba and the Kala STG. Yeah I know that’s four not three but what can I say, the ears don’t lie. And, even though I list the Luna and the STG for both looks and sound, I’m thinking the Gretch is the overall best based on it’s sound alone.

  313. Wow . They all look and sound great to me . I don`t think you would be disappointed with any of these . BUT if I had to make a choice I think it would be the CORDOBA , tops for me, by a narrow margin over the KALA TG .

  314. I have a Kala tenor and I think it is great sounding and durable. However, I really like the Luna with the markings. Somehow it gives the feel of a real Hawaiian uke. The others are nice too – it’s comes down to preferences about looks not just sound. It’s fun going through all the selections and seeing how nice they are.

  315. Wow, what a collection of really good-sounding bargain ukes! Some sounded richer and fuller than others, but they all sounded great. I’d be happy to have any of these in my stable.

  316. The gretsch sounded beautiful but I am very intrigued by the looks of the Fender, which also had a lovely sound. Certainly an impressive collection!

  317. The great thing Bout ukuleles is that you don’t have to spend lot of money to get a great sound. I would take any one of these.

  318. First of all, nice playing and a great way to showcase the various models. Very well done. I’m glad to see mid-range instruments get such thoughtful coverage. You should post the tab of that piece, too!

    What I found surprising was the Luna. I would not have thought the engraving had a muting effect but it seems not. Thanks for opening my eyes (and ears) to that brand. I was also impressed by the Cordoba – another brand I haven’t found in any stores here.

    Assuming they all have the same strings, the first two seemed somewhat richer and louder. Would like to know a few more details – type of material in the saddle and the wood of the bridge. The differences between most are subtle, but after listening several times, I can hear them. The Kala spruce top – which I had in the past – is crisp and clear as befits that wood.

    As a tenor player, I would be pleased to have any of these instruments in my collection. Cheers!

  319. Truth is they all sound great to me! Given a choice I would pick the Luna TT or Cordoba 20TM. Nice job of playing in a way that we can compare the tone, brightness and overall sound accurately.

  320. I am a proud owner of the Islander MT-4, and it is definitely my go-to uke. The sound is crisp, clean and loud, and the playability is excellent. For the price range, it would be hard to find a better tenor uke. I also have experience with playing both Kala and Luna ukuleles, and I don’t think you could go wrong with either of these as well. However, I would buy another Islander in a heartbeat!

  321. I let the video play in the background a couple times and there were very few stand out sounding ukes. They are all great buys for the money so choose one that looks good to you! It’s an expression of you, and you will want to play a gorgeous instrument.

  322. First up, excellent video, must have taken ages so its very much appreciated. Now then the Kala PWT. I thought it might have meant ‘Pretty Wicked Tenor’. Apprently it’s made of pacific walnuts. The sound was so muggy the walnuts have not dried out yet:-) On the plus side it comes with a nice picture of a man in a plaid shirt…I belive the Luna to have the better tone of the the lot, I am little put off by the Tatoo. I think the tatoo is something they could say ta ta too:-) The compromise would be the Fender as I am a Telecaster fan and there was not between the tone in all of them. Did I say nice video..no? Well nice video then. If I did say nice video let me say it again…err..nice video:-)

  323. Thanks for doing these reviews. I thought the kala sounded nice, and I was surprised to see a Gretche uke..


  324. What a steal! Hard to believe they’re all under $200. Im torn between the Islander and the Luna. I think that the design of the Luna gives it a little edge for me. Luna it is!

  325. Corey had once again proved to us, a great player can make any uke sound beautiful. Among all 9, I like the Gretsch and the Kala STG most.