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I remember when I first met my wife. She came over to Ko’olau’s workshop and I was playing bass with my band. I loved the sound of her voice and couldn’t stop thinking about her. The next time we saw each other was at a party where we left together and went to Kailua beach park. We sat at an empty lifeguard tower and talked until the sun came up. Time just flew by. By morning I knew I didn’t want to part with her, ever (had to play it cool though).

A somewhat similar connection happened this last week on the Big Island. Not with a person, but with an ukulele. One that I love and never want to part with. I won’t take that analogy too far because my wife is more important than any ukulele. But the connection I feel with this uke is strong. I just know we’ll be together forever.

Ukes are now a big part of my life. I see and work on them daily. Photo, video, setup, etc. But beyond that I run a business with 9 full time professionals, which requires a lot of work and sacrifice. Believe me, I would love to have many of the ukes that come through, but I’m realistic. Actually, even if I could afford to keep them all, my desire is to hook you guys up. The regular emails from happy customers bring me happiness. However, once in a while, a uke will come available that is 10 times the magnet I can withstand. Such is the case here. I reserve such ridiculous glorification for only the worthy and Chuck’s work is just amazing. Just to be clear, this is not for sale. This is not to tease or brag or be showy. It’s to honor one of the greatest uke makers ever, Chuck Moore.

Ok, so this is me playing and of course Corey would make it sound better. But this is my uke so you’ll just have to hear it from a normal person. It’s a raw sound sample, meaning no compression, eq, reverb, or post production of any kind. Listen on some good speakers or headphones to hear the tone best. Mahalo to Chuck Moore. He’s one of the many reasons I consider the 50th state #1.
So whatcha think of my new uke? Have you ever played an MB? If so, share your experience-
Ok, I better get to work!

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    1. Aloha Andrew,
      Woo hoo Brah, Congrats and E Komo Mai to the Chuck Moore Milo/ Bearclaw Spuce Club…There is No better than a Moore Bettah.
      I believe there is only 5-6 of these ever made…I am so happy for you and you got one…. 🙂 may you have a lifetime of enjoyment out
      of your Moore Bettah. Happy Strummings
      @ Yup you are right these are the top of the line holy grail of ukes….

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        Thanks Stan, Yours was the original inspiration. Thanks for turning me on to the quality. Lets hang out soon!

  1. Beautiful Andrew….the tone/sound is to die for…..I love playing my MBU in my room by myself….each note…wow!
    congrats my brother….

    Chuck is the best….your ukulele will be in the family forever!

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      Thanks Len, I am trying to get up all these new Kamaka’s but come over tomorrow if can! Our MB’s are bro’s, ya! I’m so happy I don’t have to be jealous of you anymore 😀

  2. I received my MB “Two Feathers” last month for a special birthday among other celebrational milestones. Bearclaw Spruce top with Milo sides and back. Two feathers are inlaid in the peghead with a grizzly paw inlay at the lower end of the fretboard. I had been looking for a luthier for over 25 years but never found the one with the soul needed for what I wanted; til I saw Chuck Moores’ photo on his website. I hadn’t heard of Moore Bettah ukes before but after looking at photos of his work, I knew he was the one. He graciously consented to make me a tenor in a couple of years. The two years have past and not only have I got a uke that will be played thruout my life but trustfully many family generations after me.

    I trust all we MB owners know that special sound and quality you’re writing about Andrew. I played with a group at a retirement home the other day. An elderly lady came up to me and said the sound from my uke touched her inner soul. I feel blessed knowing “Two Feathers” is doing exactually what Chuck and I intended him to do; heal the inner soul. Thankyou Chuck from my inner soul.

    May your MB bring you and those who hear it peace. Welcome to the family Andrew.

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  3. Congrats, Andrew. The bear claw spruce/Milo is my favorite.
    Loved the story of how you met your wife. You definitely know when you have something special in your life.
    All the best.

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  4. Aww man, that uke sounds like a dream come true. It’s so musical I feel joyful just listening to it. Congrats on getting an MB Andrew!

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  5. The only thing that comes close to having the instrument is the experience of going through the build process with Chuck. That in itself was enough to make me want to get in line to do it all again. (I didn’t, but I wanted to.) He is an amazing and talented guy. Mahalo for the post and congrats on your acquisition.

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      Thanks Tim, you got a beauty! You’re right about dealing with Chuck. He’s fun and insightful. If I lived on the BI I would probably waste too much of his time shooting the breeze. Definitely one of the coolest dudes I’ve met.

  6. I have to put my 2 cents in about Chuck also…not only does Chuck build the most beautiful and great sounding ukulele….he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in the ukulele world…

    he puts so much of himself into the uke and gives a piece of himself to each of his lucky customers(friends)… when you receive your Moore Bettah you know you how lucky you were…I am so happy that I know Chuck…it was a pleasure working and getting to know him

    and Andrew in the same class as Chuck…Andrew gives back to all the ukulele community like no other…taking care of his customers like no one else I know…I am glad to call Chuck and Andrew my Moore Bettah brothers…

    I am very lucky as I get to hang out with Andrew and his crew from time to time…great people and HMS is a great company….

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      Right on Len, the guys at the store love hangin with you. Plus you’re a neighbor! Wahiawa boys! Start a band? I wanna play drums!

  7. Andrew, I like the fact that you went with the smaller rosette which allowed Chuck to extend the fret board to give you a few extra frets. It really makes your uke look sleek like a exotic sports car! I love it!!

  8. Hey Andrew…I am so dumb….

    I just now looked at the pictures of Chuck’s house and yard/garden….wow it is great place to be….

    looks like paradise! Thanks for the pictures…..

  9. I just stumbled on this. Andrew, you definitely need to show more videos of your playing more often. Love the expressiveness of your playing here. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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      Thanks Jason. Just wandering around with the inspiration of a new uke. Actually I feel inspired every time I pick this one up. Still in love. Mahalo!

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