Ko’olau Baritone CE for James Hill

This is the James Hill Ko’olau baritone CE sound sampled by the man himself! What James does with a distortion pedal and technique truly rocks on this uke! Love this guy!

Earlier in the year James Hill called up Ko’olau and ordered a CE model baritone. In case you don’t already know, James is, without a doubt, one of the most incredible musicians to represent this instrument. We’re excited to see the direction he takes this slender bari’, but wanted to show it here because baritone is on the rise and the CE model has a lot to offer.

We ran it through a Boss drum machine and into Logic on my laptop. Corey Fujimoto of course-

This ukulele has a chambered mahogany body with a Port Orford Cedar top and satin finish. I would describe the look as “clean”, a simple but refined instrument. It features a pickup system made by LR Baggs that is arguably as good as it gets. Of course when you’re plugging in, what you plug into makes a huge difference, but this is a professional piece of gear and we are thrilled it’s going to one of our favorite musicians!

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  1. This is truly an amazing instrument…I feel like I’m hearing a professional jazz player. Can’t wait for Corey’s CD!

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