New Deluxe Kamaka Models

These are deluxe models just made available in the concert and tenor size. We got the concert HF-2DC, cedar top. The HF-3D & 3DL (long neck), both super beautiful. Actually all of them have totally amazing koa and sound and feel great. The tenor comes in a Spruce Top and Cedar Top also. Besides a few NAMM customs these are definitely the nicest Kamaka’s to come into the store. Check ‘um out!

Like all Kamaka’s, these come with Kamaka strings, which are basically the D’addario Pro Arte, but dyed black. Same nylon in different gauges is the Ko’olau Mahana strings. Most manufacturers need strings to their specs and D’addario is one of the reliable suppliers of nylon. The stock Kamaka string leans to the warm side, softer side. Some people change them to a fluorocarbon string to get more articulate highs. I like the softer attack of their stock strings, but I also like other strings on Kamakas. I would suggest experimentation. Gotta Kamaka? What strings do like on yours? Any thought’s or questions on these new Kamakas, feel free to comment below.

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  1. These are the kind of ukes that look almost too good to play.

    I’d honestly be horrified that I’d damage it in some way. That’s probably why my expensive electric guitars are sculpted from aluminium – I can’t really do much to them!

    I guess you just have to be careful with acoustic instruments if you want the best looks and sound, the carbon fibre stuff is cool and all but I haven’t heard one yet that sounds quite right. Who knows though, maybe it’s just in the design?

  2. These are terrific looking ukes. But that long neck really sounds amazing, especially with Jake…er I mean Corey playing. It is really an heirloom quality piece. Of course it won’t be MY heirloom piece as I think all the tenors were sold out the day after they were shown. Tell Kamaka to make more!
    It would be interesting to try different strings like maybe the Worth browns vs Alohis. So okay send the next long neck to me for an indefinite perid of time (ie. free) and I will cover the strings on my own. LOL Thanks in advance.

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  3. This makes me wonder when kamaka will start accepting custom orders again. I really think the whole Jake model thing was a chokehold on the other consumers and that Kamaka may have been a little too over ambitious with it.

  4. The HF-2DC has a wonderful full sound and clear tones. And this is with a high-G, right? Just amazing. Classic Hawaiian sound.

  5. I hope they keep making these deluxe models so I get the chance to have it! These are absolutely gorgeous!
    I now use D’Addario J92 Pro Arte’ Ukulele Strings on my Kamaka Hf-2 (concert).
    Looking for a chance to buy a Kamaka HF-3, and will definitely use D’Addario J71 Pro Arte’ Ukulele Strings on it!

  6. Great! Now I have a new obsession.
    I’ve been looking for a Kamaka. More options! Worth strings sound great, but I takes me awhile to break them in.

  7. but I also like other strings on Kamaka’s.

    Uh…other strings on kamaka’s what, exactly?

    Ok…it’s, “I enjoy fixing cars,” not “car’s.” Or, “My car’s engine is running hot.”

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