Music Guy Mic, you will be missed greatly…

A dear friend and member of our team passed away yesterday. Michael Aratani, aka Music Guy Mic was fun lovin’ and hard workin’ with a musical gift and an undeniable charm. He was like family to us and a great friend to me. One example that comes to mind is when he helped me build my first shop in Kaneohe (“as a friend” refusing money). When he first joined HMS he told me he would only live a few years but still wanted to help us. He gave it his all right up to the end. In our last conversation a few days ago his thoughts included,

“I really wish you had came with me to one of the Ukulele festivals. I could have showed you the way…oh, don’t forget to contact these custom builders…”

Still looking out for us, even in his final moments. What an epic guy. IMHO, Mike’s most profound impact to the ukulele world was the exclusive “MGM setup” that even his most entry level ukes got. At some point, it just became a labor of love. How many people can say their first uke was a dolphin Makala purchased from him? His profit from that sale was less than $5 each uke after setup. This gesture of Aloha has perpetuated the ukulele. It also showed the potential value of what a dealer can truly offer. His contribution to the industry was huge and the positive effects will ripple out endlessly.

Mike was passionate and genuine. Music, food, and friends filled his life. He was a happy guy. He had the luxury of being able to sit outside and enjoy Hawaii’s beauty while playing some of the best ukes. When I say Hawaii’s beauty I mean stunning. From the time he was little he enjoyed this majestic view from his backyard-

“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.”

Mike was full of life. It’s a shame he left us at the young age of 55. These last few years, I was lucky enough to work along side Mike and I’m glad that I have many great memories of him. Mike would play piano for my kids every weekend morning, sometimes teach them a few magic tricks and maybe even show them a few dance moves. He became part of our family. No one will ever replace MGM. God made a limited run of one. I can only try my hardest to support the ukulele community with the methods that he pioneered.

I apologize if my thoughts scatter. I just wanted to express a few words of gratitude and say that he truly was a great friend to me.

Mike was survived by his father, mother, and sister Gail. All work or have worked as educators in our school system here on Oahu. Extremely nice and good people and my deepest condolences go out to them.

Mike was a natural teacher. I consider his First Ukulele Lesson to be the absolute best. Every time I witnessed it in the store I would see new players gain confidence and get that first realization, “I can actually do this!” It was one of his many talents. Mike was larger than life, and he’ll live forever in our hearts.

“If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them.”

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  1. Thank you for this Andrew. It was beautiful. I’m truly saddened as well. Remember I told you that I will and did meet MGM at this years Wine Country Ukulele Festival back at the beginning of September? And you told me that he will have nice ukes for me to try out? I thanked him for all of the great videos for reviews and lessons and he said some nice things about you and I as well. He really cracked me up when he told me that Kanile’a, Kamaka, and KoAloha builders can’t stand him because he keeps stopping by and would say, “is my order ready?!” And they would shout at him, “no Mike!” That really cracked me up the way he said it. I thought he had the best gig in the world, picking up cream of the crop ukes! Also during that festival weekend, it was very hot, over 90 degrees and possibly over 100. He was sitting down and just dealing with the heat and I asked him if I could get him any ice water. He kindly declined. I am glad I had the opportunity to meet him. His family and all of you are in my prayers. God bless you all.

  2. What a lovely man. He sold me my first ukulele several years ago, a concert sized Kala cedar top, through his eBay store. He talked me through the whole transaction on the phone, and helped me choose the exact instrument for me. I was visiting Hawaii and insisted on coming by the warehouse to pick it up. I got to see all the ukes there and talk to the young guys (the guys from those funny/silly you-tube videos!) who worked there. Looking back, it’s still one of my favorite experiences.

    I own a small business, myself, and I was impressed with Mic’s passion for and commitment to his business and the people who worked for him. Seeing how he operated made a big impression on me.

    I’ve collected some fancier, more expensive ukes, a Kamaka, another custom tenor by a small luthier, but my uke teacher and I agree, none of them sounds quite like that first Kala that Mic sold me. There’s something a little magic about it.

    A true entrepreneur creates something and offers it to the world, leaving the world a richer, more interesting place. Farewell, Mic, and thanks for everything you’ve done for all of us.

    Arjay, from NorCal.

  3. My husband, Tom, & I met Music Guy Mic while on vacation a couple years ago. When we drove by the little shop, I told my husband, “you should go in there and buy the uke you’ve always wanted because that looks like the right place to buy one.” Husband was thrilled I had given him “permission” to get something he’s wanted his whole life. We did a u-turn pulled in. I had no idea that we would be meeting someone who leave an indelible mark on our lives. Mike spent about an hour & a half talking with us, and it was clear listening to him talk how much he loved music & all the ukes that passed through his talented hands. Mike made us feel like we were old friends hanging out and he even played a few songs for us while we sat there chatting. He said in passing that he had been sick, that it had changed his life in so many ways. What he said made me think about how I was living my life and led to me making serious changes. I recorded him playing for us, chatting and laughing with us, and it’s a video we will now cherish forever. Mike was the embodiment of Aloha for us. We will never forget him and always hold his memory close in our hearts. Mahalo, Music Guy Mic.

  4. I am not so sad that Michael aka Music Guy Mic has passed away on to another grand phase in the wheel of life, but more sad because I never got to personally meet him face to face and thank him for everything he’s done for me & the community. When I first picked up the ‘ukulele a few years ago, every place on the internet had someone referring you to “MGM”. I called him up and from that day on he always provided me with a wealth of information, free of charge, and his customer service in general was second to none including that famous smile of his. I enjoyed the many phone calls and emails we shared on the finer and more minuet aspects of the ukulele, some that might drive others with not as fine of taste buds mad. But we loved it! Michael’s influence was so grand he even popped up in a dream I had once where me and him were talking story in the back yard about some Hawaiian ‘ukes. My friends now come to me as the “MGM” of my social circle when looking for the best ‘ukulele for a specific price. Mike taught me all that. Till this day I still play a Pono Tenor ‘ukulele like my first purchase from our beloved brother, and I’m so grateful for having such a beautiful instrument bring music back into my life. Thank you Michael, I will always remember to “Keep it Pono”. Peace brother… I will keep your spirit exemplified in my music, Godspeed.

  5. I’m so glad that my wife and I got the chance to meet Mike last time we were on Oahu. He was friendly, helpful, and made us feel like ohana. We were moderately freaking out as he kept handing us very expensive ukuleles to play as if it was no big deal. “You should really hear this one,” he said as he handed me a Kanilea that I’m sure cost as much as a used car. Mike even passed two very similar models over to Corey to play so that we could hear the difference.
    And when I did pick out an ukulele to get, I wanted a few tweaks done to it. His response was, “Oh, I’ll take care of that.” I have a feeling he said that a lot: I’ll take care of it.
    Music Guy Mic is already missed.

    Mahalo nui loa, Music Guy Mic.

    Eron & Kari from Sunnyvale/Kailua

  6. So very sorry for the loss of your good friend and special person in the world of music. May you hold peace and love in your hearts forever!

  7. I was lucky enough to see Mike twice last week…and as usual he had a big smile on his face…and was trying to be funny
    I met Mike for the first time in Feb 2013,but I felt like I knew him forever….for real..one of the nicest people I ever met…

    Mike loved his work..and you could see it…I got to hang out with him at HMS at least once a week,usually with Corey…and we had some great laughs together..i will never forget him…

    once a couple from Vancouver came to visit with their 2 young daughters…and the store was packed but they stayed until everyone left..lt least a hour or more…one of their daughters was going to sing at her school, so they wanted Mike and Corey to play/sing “Over the Rainbow” for them….Mike and Corey grab their ukes and started playing…no one to see what was going on except me…

    you had to be there…the little girls face,,she fell in love with Mike I am sure….and then she started singing..
    that is the Mike I will remember…

    I always say, people come in to HMS smiling but leave smiling even more!
    Thanks Mike!

  8. I am very saddened to hear this news. Mike was very special indeed. I purchased my first uke from him back in the eBay days and I emailed him that I was very nervous about spend $250 on my first ukulele. We emailed several times and he was so caring and used his great sense of humor to calm me down reassure me that he would take good care of me. Well he did, and that Kala concert is very special to me.
    Fast forward to 2012 when I wanted to buy a KoAloha uke. I looked online and thought “Where did Mike go?” Then I read that he had gone to work with Andrew at HMS and I called him. Well, they picked out a fabulous uke for me. I have a friend that always tells me…”What did you do, win the ukulele lottery?”
    The funny thing was, that Mike remembered who I was. He said, “Oh yeah, your the lady with the funny name (Antoinina) that lives in Florida…I remember you, you were so nervous.” I was so surprised. We talked forever, like old friends…he made me feel that comfortable!
    Mike left me with a smile in my heart and I will smile when I think of him…always.

  9. I remember coming in the summer before last to pick up Aaron’s DVD so my daughter & I could learn on the 2 Pono’s I had bought from John the day before at the Ko’olau factory, and had made mention that the airline would probably crush the ukes on the flight back home.

    Say no more – Mic to the rescue – he would NOT let us leave the store until he found 2 boxes to get the ukes home safely. Half hour later, he finally found a couple that would work, resisting all pleas of “it’s ok – don’t worry”. Talk about someone on a mission.

    It wasn’t until I got home that I realized that he was the same MGM on the youtube videos. A legend like that is digging through the back for boxes for ukes that I didn’t even buy at his store. It really just spoke to his character, so sad that he has passed…

    RIP, Mic…

  10. I had the privilege of talking to him only via phone at your store. After maybe 15 seconds I felt like I was talking to an old friend. I am so sadden to hear of his passing. The world is a lesser place because of his passing on. Ed smith

  11. I only wish I could have met him in person. Oh the weeks I spent watching his videos online, trying to figure out what uke to buy. (I got a KoAloha sight-unseen after watching his KoAlana video a million times).

    When my mother was in the market for a new uke this year, and I heard he was going to be in California, I sent her straight to him with full confidence he’d have something perfect for her. (She got a custom Kanilea).

    He will be missed.

  12. So sorry to hear of Mike’s passing. I am truly saddened by the loss of this great individual. I met Mike at HMS and purchased by Kanile’a concert Honu from him. He was very helpful. I know he was also involved in securing the Kanile’a tenor I purchased on line. It is an amazing instrument, as Mike was an amazing man. His love of the ukulele was perhaps unmatched. He told me when I was at the store his personal collection numbered in the hundreds. I don’t recall the exact number but I remember it was a staggering number. The world has lost a great asset, and in particular the ukulele world has lost it’s best friend!

  13. As so many have said Mike was a very special guy who touched the hearts of everyone he met. Mike changed the world and made it a better place. He touched an incredible number of people with his life, love, music, generosity and aloha spirit.
    Over the years I had spoken to him a few times over the phone and we shared numerous several emails. I found that he was never too busy to talk with me or answer my emails. This September I met Mike in person for the first time, as we both had booths at the Wine Country Festival, and to my joy, we had booths next to each other for the weekend. When we met in the morning on the first day, it was like we were old friends. The weekend was incredibly hot, and it was easy to see that Mike was not feeling well, and having a hard time in the heat….but I never heard him complain once, and he had a smile ready for everyone who visited his booth. Despite his illness, he made every visitor feel welcome, special and like family. As I watched him over the two days, I knew that he was indeed a very special man, with the true Aloha spirit…spreading the love and making it grow where ever he was…always creating family and good will…. He will be missed and I feel honored to have known him.

  14. Mike was my friend. I spent alot of time reflecting last night and have come to realize the many lessons that Mike taught to me without me even realizing it. We were co-workers, true, but if anyone were to ask me who MGM was I would say “my friend”. He loved people. He wanted everyone to leave the store happy. He never let you leave without a smile. Sometimes Mike and I didn’t see eye-to-eye and I’d get upset. He would come over and smile that annoyingly irresistible smile and ask “You still mad? Come on, lemme see you smile. What you like eat?” Everyone that knew Mike the way that the HMS crew did knows that you couldn’t stay mad at him. He was genuine, kind, and above all else an amazing friend. I was up in Seattle and Portland doing clinics when Corey called to tell me that the doctors had sent Mike home and that there was nothing more they could do. I tried for days to get hold of Mike. My friend. I couldn’t. I never got to say goodbye. The last conversation Mike and I had, he told me to visit a list of luthiers and people that he knew in the pacific nw. He told me that I’d do fine with the concerts and hat I had nothing to be nervous about. He was one of my biggest supporters. I found out that Mike had passed away from Mike Upton of Kala ukuleles who called the store to ask if what he had heard was true. After speaking with Andrew and finding out that Mike had left us, I closed the store an hour early. I have never been an emotional man, but I spent the next hour remembering my friend and weeping like a baby…Thank you Mike, for the good times, the laughs, the moral support , the sage business advice, and the memories. But most of all, thank you Mike for sharing your life with me, with all of us. I will never forget MGM and the life lessons that I learned from him. A hui ho Brother. I love you.

    1. Mahalo Aaron and Andrew for your reflections and friendship with/about MGM says it all! He was truly special and one of a kind and will be missed!

  15. Mike was my introduction to ukulele. I purchased my first one through his ebay store. He took great care in making sure I got exactly what I was looking for. When I thanked him for what a wonderful job he did for me, he replied with, “What? I’m just a salesman.” I’m sure thousans of others can tell a similar story. With his amazing attitude of Aloha, MGM created one of the largest ohanas I’ve ever seen. Anyone I’ve connected with who plays the ukulele seems to know or have encountered Musicguymic in some way. I wish I could have met him in person and perhaps I will in Heaven some day. To the staff at HMS, and especially his closest friends and family, please accept my deepest sympathy. Mike’s passing has left a huge void in this world. I know that from now on, I’ll remember him every time I play one of my ukes.

  16. Even though I never met Mike, I always felt I knew him through the wonderful stories told from so many people about their encounters with him, confirmed by the videos and the constant smile on his face. I believe everyone can learn something from Mike, that is, it seemed the fewer days he had left on this earth, the more “life” he tried to fit in. He could have easily locked himself up in a room and felt sorry for himself like many do. No, Mike had People to see, Places to go, and things to get done, illness be damned.

    Rest in Peace Mike, as I am the one living with regrets never getting the chance to meet You.

  17. Mahalo Plenty Andrew, Mike was loved by everyone he met….He was the nicest and kindest man you’d ever meet. He was way more than ukuleles but ukulele and music was one of his main passions….He was driven to be the best guy around with his amazing personality..
    He never said bad of anyone and treated everyone equal….He made such a great impact on the ukulele, ukulele industry and everyone
    through the ukulele/…he was the mayor of the ukulele, a true ambassador of the uke…..The Big Kahuna is what I see him at….
    I am still in shock he is gone already and my heart is heavy and eyes filled with water of sadness…He will be truely missed by me and all
    Mike thought us everyday lessons by example to us even when we did not know it at the time….he left this world alot better and made
    a big difference…who can say that at the end of their lives… he will be surely missed and never forgotten …..Malama Pono Mike and A Hui Ho…..may one day our paths cross again and we will meet… RIP Bruddah.. Love you man…

  18. Dear Michael
    We are very surprised to hear for your loss. It is too early…We feel a deepest sadness….
    Thank you very very much for a long time.You were always very gentleman.
    We offer you our feelings of condolence.May your soul rest in peace.We never forget you.

  19. I met Mike last year at the New York Ukulele Festival in Manhattan. What a very special and dedicated man. It was obvious to me that music was as required in his life as water and air.

    My favorite time, was watching him talk to people who didn’t play the uke. “Would you buy a ukulele if I can teach you to play 1000 songs before you leave today?” Of course people would say yes, and his face would light up. Then he would teach them to play 3 chords, and show them how many songs you can play with 3 chords. True spirit of aloha, in the best sense.

    He will be missed, but moreover, he will be remembered.

    -Steve Carpenter

  20. He was kind, knowledgeable, helpful, thoughtful in my one purchase from him over ebay. When there was a bit of trouble with the uke, he walked me through all the corrective steps. In his youtube demonstrations, he got to the point. I have noticed over the years the great respect he drew from all kinds of folks. What a special person and special life!

  21. I met MGM this past August. I was on my honeymoon, and I drove over to see him on the North Shore with money burning a hole in my pocket. He steered me away from the really expensive stuff I was looking at and toward an instrument that really fit my needs and ability. He was kind, patient, and willing to drop everything to help me – a real gentleman, and an ambasador for the Ukulele. He will be missed.

  22. I was truly blessed to have met a Living Legend and will hold the memory of you dear to my heart. You exemplified the Aloha Spirit in what ever you did and touched many lives. You have made many of us better players but more than that better people. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your Legacy will live on, I assure you. God Speed, my friend……Aloha Nui………

  23. Psalm 27:6
    God holds me head and shoulders above all who try to pull me down. I’m headed for his place to offer anthems that will raise the roof! Already I’m singing God-songs; I’m making music to God.

  24. The ukulele world has lost one of the most perfect spokesmen, and it’s a very unfortunate thing. We can only hope someone will pick up what Mike had started. Mike should be inducted into the Ukulele Hall of Fame, immediately, without him, there would be far less interest in the instrument. His knowledge, passion and genuine care for getting people the right uke for them, is something I will never forget. I bought my first “good” ukulele from Mike on Ebay. I’m left handed, so buying a uke was a nerve-wracking situation for me, I had read a bit about Kala, and wasn’t sure, but it was within my budget, so I emailed Mike and he assured me I wouldn’t be disappointed, and told me if I didn’t like it, we would figure something out, he just wanted to make sure I got the uke I needed. I bought it, 6 days later, I received 2 boxes from Hawai’i, I thought maybe one was the case and one was the uke, but he had accidentally sent me two ukes, one right handed tenor, and my lefty. I emailed him right away, and described the situation, and he got me the address where the other uke needed to go, luckily the person wouldn’t be waiting too long as they weren’t more than a day away by ground shipment. Mike then sent me a box with some strings, cd’s, etc for my “troubles”…Just about a year into owning the uke, I noticed the bridge pulling up, so I contacted Kala, figuring it would need to go to them for repair, which they did ask me to do. I sent it, and it was a few weeks and I hadn’t heard anything, so I emailed them. They told me they couldn’t fix it in house, so they sent it to Hawai’i for repair, and asked for my patience. I didn’t hear anything for a few more weeks, and emailed again, they responded that my uke was almost ready to ship back to me, and indicated it would come from Mike…I felt much better knowing Mike had been the one working on it. He remembered me and the uke, and included some extra strings, and a few more uke CD’s in the package for my “troubles”…There will never be a better ambassador for the ukulele, or Aloha spirit.

    Mahalo Mike, please rest in peace.


  25. My Wife, Mother-in-Law, and I have purchased many ukes, strings, cases, etc. from MGM. It started on Ebay, then we started going to Oahu for vacations and had the pleasure of meeting Mike in person. He hand delivered a few ukes to me there, once we went to his shop. So, I feel I am qualified to say that Music Guy Mic had the best customer service in the world. I’ve spoken to many other people who have made purchases through him, and his patience, kindness, friendliness, fairness, communication and honesty was famous throughout the world. I would tell people that if you want to buy a ukulele, you’d be a moron to not buy it from Music Guy Mic.

  26. So sorry to hear about Music Guy Mike’s passing, he was a class act and truly one of a kind. Glad I got to meet him this past year. Thanks for everything, Much Mahalo Bruddha Mike.

  27. I am so very sorry to hear of the passing of Musicguymic! He offered me kind advice when I bought my first Ukulele and, when I eventually mustered the funds to get an Hawaiian instrument, Mike supplied a stunning tenor Kanil’ea to me! I fully expect him to be strumming away wherever he is now, passing on his alo’ha!

    Cheers Mike!

    David X

  28. How many of us first experienced the uke through Mike’s prolific YouTube videos! Mike, you touched more lives than you’ll ever know. As we grieve over our loss, and pray for your family, we should also rejoice in the knowledge that you are, no doubt, still sharing the joyful “noise” of the ukulele with God’s vast creation from the other side. Dear Mike, my our joined voices of gratitude travel etheric waves to uplift your heart in the Astral.

  29. I met Mike about 8 years ago when I first starting building ukuleles. He was truly one of the nicest and most caring people I’ve ever known and I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with him way back then. He was a special person who left us way too soon and will be missed by all who knew him and worked with him.


  30. We were back in Hawaii and stopped by the shop yesterday and were stunned to learn of Mike’s passing. He sold me my first ukulele in February of this year and working with him was an absolute delight. I gave him my price range and what I was planning to use it for and Mike immediately put the perfect instrument into my hands. He genuinely cared about my needs as a musician and a ukulele newbie. I am glad I had the chance to meet him and am so very sorry for your loss.

  31. I live in Australia. When I first became interested in ukulele I went to a few music stores and sampled the limited range being distributed here – the usual Chinese made fair, surprisingly good for the price…. I then looked a bit further and found Music Guy Mike on the web.
    What a revelation!!! Here was a guy – Hawaiian I presumed, who not only had a range of beautiful, exotic ukes on offer but made video sound samples for me to drool over in the privacy of my room. He really was the key to this distant Aussie entering into a deeper relationship with ukes and Hawaiian culture. I’m not sure if he knew how far his inspiration traveled, but it certainly made it “downunder”.
    One day I’ll make it to Hawaii – ’till then I strum and dream, and thank Mike.

  32. I am saddened to hear about Mike’s passing. I read in other earlier posts that he was ill but read that he was okay. In fact, I bought several ukuleles from Mike recently so I am in shock! Reading all the nice things and the contributions he has made in his life really tells what kind of person Mike really was. RIP braddah, your body might be gone but your spirit will carry on!

  33. I bought a Kanilea tenor from Music Guy Mic through ebay for my oldest son’s 16th birthday. We talked on the phone before the purchase. He gave me a fair price and took care of me after the sale. What a gentleman. The ukulele has been with my son ever since. He’s now in his junior year of college and plays all the time. Looked him up on ebay this past summer and heard he was no longer doing business. My prayers are with his family.

  34. It was because of the video lessons, one of which is posted above, that I believed I could learn to play the ukulele. I am sorry I never got to meet him in person.

  35. I never knew him personally, but have seen many videos of him. I frequent Ukulele Underground, and the guys mentioned him a lot. He might not know it, but through his videos he inspired me to be a better player. I shared his works among my friends here in Malaysia, and I believe it also impacted them as it did me. I regret not able to meet him.

  36. Aloha Andrew, I hope the fellowship and celebration for MGM will go smoothly. I’ve never met MGM but heard so much about him and his advice lead me to buying my first uke from you. Wish I’m in Hawaii to celebrate it with you all. RIP Mike.

  37. It is trully remarkable that living on the other side of the planet I heard about MGM. And it’s because I heard great things about him, I decided to go on and buy my first uke through the ukulele site. You can tell a lot of things about a man’s smile, and MGM was a guy who really knew how to smile. Keep playing in heaven!

  38. I was deeply saddened to hear of Mike’s passing. As I searched for the perfect Uke, it was Mike’s video legacy that lead me onto the path of the Uke. Although I never met the man I felt as though I knew him. Countless reviews, even more recorded lessons… His love of music and spirit of Aloha has circled the globe. Thank you Mike for your gift. I will treasure the uke for the rest of my life.

  39. I met Mike briefly at the New York Ukefest many years ago and ended up buying a few things from him subsequently. At the Ukefest, he was standing with his wares like so many other vendors there looking a bit bored during a lull in the crowd. Suddenly, I hear an electrified ukulele belting out a rock riff (and every one else can hear it too) and look to see MGM jamming with a huge smile on his face. He knew how to liven up an event.

    Condolences to his family and friends.


  40. I got my very first Makala dolphin set up from Mike and he was so helpful. I’m sorry for the community’s loss and feel honored that I got to start my way into the uke world through such a dedicated individual.

  41. I bought my very first Kala Tenor ukulele from Mike years ago, when I decided that I truly wanted to play and learn. A couple of years later, I bought my youngest daughter a uke from Mike for her lessons. I followed Mike when he joined HMS and ordered ukes for family members. I remember first reading about “setup” from Mike’s ebay ukulele site and emailing him after I ordered – just to say “thanks.” His emails and messages back to me were always more than “you are welcome,” and always included a friendly, warm note. I remember seeing him in Napa at a uke festival in 2008, and was intimidated to approach him 🙂 I feel fortunate to have been a small part of Mike’s influence and his aloha spirit. My deepest condolences go out to Mike’s family and friends.

  42. Hi Andrew and HMS,

    Dearest condolences for your loss. I’d learned from MGM’s videos, and got to meet him once at the Napa Fest last year. I visited the store this Spring and had asked Corey and Len about him and I hadn’t heard that he passed away. I can’t say that I knew him but he was such a nice guy, despite the 100 degree weather, that had even cracked another luthier’s uke on display. Thanks to MGM and all of the resources and lessons that you guys provide to the community.


    Rodney W.

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