Koa Tenor Moore Bettah!

This is a new koa tenor from Chuck Moore. It’s truly a phenomenal instrument. Extremely easy to play with super low action, yet has all the dynamics, body, and volume you’d ever want. Chuck shows meticulous craftsmanship and the design and materials are simply gorgeous. But even more telling is the sound; full, articulate, and musical. Undeniable excellence once again from this Big Island legend. Moore Bettah consistently lives up to it’s name.

This is a dry sound sample (no compression or reverb etc). I actually didn’t use the two mics on the right. With the amount of natural ambiance and sustain from this uke, the pencil mic from Schoeps was perfect. Look and listen to one of the most epic ukes to come through Aaron Crowell gives the review/ sound sample. Share your thoughts and questions in the comments area below. Aloha!

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  1. Hey Andrew…thanks for letting me watch the recording last night….Aaron was amazing…he plays with such ease…
    and the Moore Bettah sounds and looks so good…Chuck just gets better and better with each new ukulele!

    Thanks Chuck, you are the Man!…

    I hope you got some sleep….Lol

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    2. Congrats Greg….
      call me when you get back to Oahu….bring your MB with you!!

      take care..your uke sound soooo good!

  2. Good job Aaron , Leenard uses picks to play Mama E,yours very comparable .Welcome to Greg to a very small club of uke players

  3. I totally agree with every positive statement made above. I have heard such a beautiful sound from a Ukulele. I am a proud owner of a Moore Bettah Uke and I treasure it like no other. It was created for me by the man himself and I`m happy to say we have kept in touch and I value his freindship very much. He really is in a league of his own. Thanks again Chuck

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