Danish Musician Majors in Ukulele- Artist Profile -Tobias Elof

Tobias is a 25 year old ukulele player is visiting us from Denmark. In the second video on the right he talks about how he’s in College majoring in ukulele. A major in ukulele? That’s awesome! UH has to get with it. Maybe Mr. Elof will come back to head the program, he may be the only one qualified with a degree in Ukulele 😀

Tobias has a really fluid and musical style. He carries a rhythm and melody together when most carry one or the other. Classical, bluegrass, reggae, and other various influences blend together on his linear D tuning ukulele. He tunes one step higher to D, giving a bright, almost mandolin like tone. He plays both his Mya Moe and his Kanile’a that way. Look out for this Dane. Start with his last album with an upright player. I’ve been really enjoying it. Lear more about Elof & Wamburg

First time jam with Corey was awesome fun.

Showing a technique we first heard from James Hill. This is a good one to try out and practice.
A touch of reverb really made this one sound magical, Tobias has such a great ability to express emotion through the ukulele.
Shreddin’ up some bluegrass styles with great energy.
Another original peice.
Share your thoughts and questions in the comments area below. Aloha!

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