Pono Mango Line

Coming soon!

Tenor- Satin Finish

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the new lines that Pono will unveil at the 2014 NAMM music trade show. This is a new line of solid mango ukes and we think you’re gonna love the tone and feel! Stay tuned for more info on this and more from Pono Ukulele.

Concert Gloss Finish>

Update– We now carry a full line of Pono Mango models in all sizes and even in the Pro Classic Pono line. See more at our store HERE.

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  2. Wow, I like the plain and simple look of this new line. Do you know if Pono will be building Soprano and Baritone models of these as well? And can you tell what they are going to cost, approximatively? Thanks!

  3. I originally owned a concert mahogany. However, its close frets and a rather thick neck caused pain in my fingers . A builder suggested a Pono MGT mango tenor as an alternative. The instrument is a joy to play, and the stiff fingers, gone. But it’s the sound that’s most surprised me—its sweetness, clarity. Highly recommended.

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