Ukulele at NAMM 2014- Part 3

Uke News from NAMM – Part 3

Here’s a look at some of the ukes and uke related products at NAMM 2014. This first one shows Nobu and Hitomi from Takumi. On the right is Yusuke Kawakami. He’s an amazing builder located in Canada. last day 560 (5 of 49)
We bought a really cool 8 string concert from Yusuke at the show. It resembles the original taropatch ukes but has some unique features like being 13 frets to the body. It is extremely light in weight and plays like a dream.
last day 560 (10 of 49)
Wait, what cards did Hitomi put on these ones to show they sold? She still had Music Guy Mic cards he gave her!
last day 560 (11 of 49)
MGM! We miss you! Hitomi displayed this picture at their booth.
last day 560 (12 of 49)
Crossrock had some new uke cases that are very affordable. They call them “hybrids” because the are not fully hardshell but offer great protection. I will be posting these at the site when we get them. They also have a few new colors in the 800 series and we’ll be carrying the one in the last picture in the gallery here.
Imua came out with a satin oil finish that will be more affordable than the gloss. They also have a CE like model in concert and next to it is a U-Bass that Shinji made.
So many new Hal Leonard Ukulele Books! Click for gallery

last day 560 (9 of 49)

last day 560 (23 of 49)

I have so many more pictures to show but I’m gonna sleep and do another blog tomorrow. I can’t wait to see the video’s I shot today. So killer! K, aloha friends. Check back soon. I’ll leave you with some videos from a few days ago showing new models from Kanile’a and Gretsch.

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  1. Thanks Andrew..yes get some sleep….lol,,,,,great pictures….nice to see MGM’s picture again they were big fans of Mike too!!
    have fun in the San Francisco…see you soon

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