Ukulele at NAMM 2014- Part 4

Uke News from NAMM – Part 4

That’s it for now folks. I’ll post more and answer questions in the weeks to come. Thanks for visiting and for your support and friendship. Aloha~ andrew

Learn more about Paul & Gaku here www.uketet.com

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  1. That flight-case like multi-uke stand is quite interesting! What brand is it? How much does it cost?

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      I’m traveling and need to go through my cards. His name is Dave and he hand makes all of them. I think it was $375. Pricey but he hand cuts all of them. I can let you know when I get back.

  2. Andrew: Thanks for the photographic and sonic rundown of NAMM 14. Your recordings were amazing given the environment in which they were made. Nice to catch up with Paul Hemmings’ artistry. Two questions: 1. You don’t mention Islander ukes at all. Is anything new from them in the coming year? 2. It looks like Paul Hemmings’ Uke is a custom made Koolau? Cedar top? Whatever, its quite an exceptional instrument. Rolly

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      Thanks Rolly, and thank you for the questions. There is so much I should have written and just ran out of time.
      1. The new offerings from Islander were the Guilele or their GL6, which we should be listing at the website soon, maybe tomorrow. Actually not showing at the NAMM, but coming up soon is a Islander GL6 with spalted maple, and we’ll most likely be first to show you that. There is also a really beautiful Acacia model with maple binding and arm bevel in a gloss finish. That one hasn’t arrived and is still not priced but it will be the flagship Islander. Really pretty uke.
      2. Paul Hemmings awesome Ko’olau that he is working down to sawdust has a spruce top and macassar ebony sides and back. It is exceptional and he does it justice like no other. One of my favorite artists for sure.
      Thanks again

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